Brigade of the Sky Meta-Report 9 (09/03/18 ~ 09/09/18) Unlimited

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The weekly meta-analysis, brought to you by Gamepress, utilizes data published on Shadowverse Log to provide a summary of popular and strong decks in the meta-game. Shadowverse Log is a Japanese, public data set that compiles user-reported matchup data. Please be aware that Shadowvere Log is unofficial and unaffiliated with Cygames, Inc. The archetype designation in this report emulates categorization used on Shadowverse Log, and therefore may not completely reflect the appropriate archetype in the current meta.

09/03/18 ~ 09/09/18 Statistic

Usage Rates by Classes

It has been three weeks since the release of the mini-expansion of Brigade of the Sky, and it is evident from this week’s data that the decks that were dominating before the release are still dominating now. In fact, the release of the mini-expansion has caused a further imbalance in deck popularity, with the top 3 classes accounting for approximately two-thirds of usage among 8 classes. This is quite an increase, as this figure was in the mid-50’s prior to the mini-expansion release. The “bottom 5’ classes have not moved much in terms of usage. Finally, there was a big mover within the top 3, with Bloodcraft and Runecraft essentially trading places since the previous week.

Win Rates by Classes

The win percentage rankings have been stagnant for quite some time, with Forestcraft and Shadowcraft being the only two classes to come out ‘positive’. Two weeks ago, there was an odd case of Portalcraft breaking the 50% barrier, but it was most likely a phenomena resulting from small sample size bias, rather than actual results. Swordcraft has seen a large, 5% boost in win percentages since the previous week, and this may be due to its decent matchup against Bloodcraft and Runecraft decks in the meta currently.

Usage and Win Rates by Archetypes

Archetypes # Used # of Wins Win %
Midrange Shadowcraft 2467 1414 57.3%
Darkfeast Bloodcraft 799 388 48.6%
OTK Forestcraft 778 429 55.1%
D. Shift Runecraft 680 315 46.3%
Earth (Burn) Runecraft 334 161 48.2%
Vengeance Bloodcraft 298 145 48.7%
Seraph Havencraft 295 153 51.9%
Aggro Swordcraft 290 144 49.7%
Tenko Havencraft 283 131 46.3%

For those familiar with the weekly meta-reports, this popularity ranking and their respective win percentages should come with no surprise. Midrange Shadowcraft and OTK Forestcraft are the only decks to consistently pass the 50% win mark. Occasionally, a few other decks make it past this hurdle, and this week is Seraph Havencraft. This is an archetype that literally popped up out of nowhere, and its popularity is increasing due to its ‘slightly’ favored matchup against Midrange Shadowcraft, the most dominant deck currently.

Matchup Data for Top 3 Classes

Opponent Archetype Midrange Win %
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft N/A
Vs. Darkfeast Bloodcraft 60.4%
Vs. OTK Forestcraft 62.8%
Vs. D. Shift Runecraft 60.7%
Vs. Earth (Burn) Runecraft 68.5%
Vs. Vengeance Bloodcraft 61.4%
Vs. Seraph Havencraft 41.4%
Vs. Aggro Swordcraft 69.0%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 67.2%

Midrange Shadowcraft continues to do what it does best: winning. The deck has dominated for about 9 weeks now and it is not showing any signs of passing the baton anytime soon. For the last few weeks, the deck had a positive win rate against all other relevant decks in the meta, with most win percentages exceeding 60% (which is crazy). The streak, however, came to an end this week due to the sudden appearance of Seraph Havencraft in the meta. Players have been looking for ways to consistently defeat the almighty deck and this is one of their answers. With the build consisting mainly of removals and other defensive strategies, it makes it very difficult for Midrange Shadowcraft to play their game, such as building shadows or keeping board presence with Skeletons.

Opponent Archetype Darkfeast Win % Vengeance Win %
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 39.6% 38.6%
Vs. Darkfeast Bloodcraft N/A 45%
Vs. OTK Forestcraft 28.8% 41.4%
Vs. D. Shift Runecraft 63.6% 50%
Vs. Earth (Burn) Runecraft 44.8% 40%
Vs. Vengeance Bloodcraft 55.0% N/A
Vs. Seraph Havencraft 44.4% 100% (7/7)
Vs. Aggro Swordcraft 51.7% 57.10%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 47.6% 66.7% (2/3)

Bloodcraft has came back to the second spot this week, owing mostly to the rising popularity of the Darkfeast Bloodcraft deck. This archetype is not new to the scene at all, but the addition of Evil Eye Demon as a support card has created an explosive hype for the deck, and hence an increase in popularity. The deck definitely lives up to the hype, although the figure above is unable to convey that point. As a consequence of this new rising deck, Vengeance Bloodcraft has fell off the ‘top 4’ archetype rankings for the first time. The deck is still powerful, though, even though it is not favored by numbers.

Opponent Archetype D. Shift Win % Earth Win %
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 39.3% 31.5%
Vs. Darkfeast Bloodcraft 36.4% 55.2%
Vs. OTK Forestcraft 35.4% 41.4%
Vs. D. Shift Runecraft N/A 65%
Vs. Earth (Burn) Runecraft 35.0% N/A
Vs. Vengeance Bloodcraft 50.0% 60% (3/5)
Vs. Seraph Havencraft 72.7% 60%
Vs. Aggro Swordcraft 4.5% 71.4%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 62.5% 66.7% (4/6)

Runecraft has been doing double duty, in Rotation and Unlimited, for quite a few weeks now. In both formats, this class is represented by multiple archetypes, which are consistently in the top 10 archetypes used. In Unlimited, D. Shift and Burn Runecraft has always been in the top 6, with the head-to-head favoring the Burn deck. D. Shift always appears to be doing poorly by numbers, because it loses, at least conceptually, to the popular decks which either deal heavy burn damage or have persistent board presence. It is also a deck that takes quite a bit of skill, so when figures include players of various ranks, its potential can be blurred. Similar, but opposite, things can be said about the Burn archetype, which does exceptionally well against popular decks conceptually.

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