Omen of the Ten Meta-Report 2 (10/01/18 ~ 10/07/18) Rotation

Meta Analysis History

The weekly meta-analysis, brought to you by Gamepress, utilizes data published on Shadowverse Log to provide a summary of popular and strong decks in the meta-game. Shadowverse Log is a Japanese, public data set that compiles user-reported matchup data. Please be aware that Shadowvere Log is unofficial and unaffiliated with Cygames, Inc. The archetype designation in this report emulates categorization used on Shadowverse Log, and therefore may not completely reflect the appropriate archetype in the current meta.

10/01/18 ~ 10/07/18 Statistic

Usage Rates by Classes

In week 2 of the OotT Rotation meta, there were three classes that gained popularity since the last week: Swordcraft, Shadowcraft, and Bloodcraft. While the increase in Bloodcraft was expected by many due the overwhelming presence of Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft deck, popularity for the other seven classes was unpredictable. Midrange Swordcraft and Midrange Shadowcraft are currently the two decks that are being researched thoroughly by players for its ability to fight evenly (and maybe even slightly in favor) with the top Bloodcraft deck. This weekend was a big week for the Shadowverse community, as the RAGE Omen of the Ten qualifiers took place in both eastern and western Japan. Already, it is evident that many players are favoring the Swordcraft/Shadowcraft pair, as well as Bloodcraft/Swordcraft or Shadowcraft combinations. Next week, it is expected for these three classes to be the most popular.

Win Rates by Classes

At the start of a new season, deck popularity, as well as its win percentages fluctuate week after week, so it is interesting to see that the classes that made it over the ‘50% hump’ and classes that did not are the same as last week. Swordcraft, Dragoncraft, Shadowcraft, and Bloodcraft are the elite decks once again, with Swordcraft seeing a notable increase in this statistic. Shadowcraft and Bloodcraft has not been as dominant as the previous week. Another figure that stands out this week is the drop of Portalcraft win percentages from 47.6% to 43.7%. Players have begun tech-ing in Nilpotent Entity to prevent burst damage from cards such as Darkfeast Bat and Azi Dahaka, and Portalcraft has always been good at dealing with numerous small followers, so it is surprising to see such a big drop in win percentage.

Usage and Win Rates by Archetypes

Archetypes # Used # of Wins Win %
Darkfeast Bloodcraft 20059 10592 52.8%
Midrange Swordcraft 9747 5367 55.1%
Ramp Dragoncraft 4842 2371 49.0%
Midrange Shadowcraft 4763 2653 55.7%
G. Chimera Runecraft 4525 2053 45.4%
(Other) Dragoncraft 4093 2008 49.1%
Mysteria Runecraft 4079 1780 43.6%
Lieshenna Portalcraft 2989 1303 43.6%
(Other) Bloodcraft 2641 1295 49.0%
(Other) Shadowcraft 2478 1395 56.3%
Tenko Havencraft 2356 1078 45.8%
(Other) Swordcraft 1891 979 51.8%

The archetype ranking this week is quite confusing, with many ‘other’ categories listed on Shadowverse Log, a problem that occurs at the beginning of the new season because discrete archetype categories are not created immediately on the website. Starting from the top, the ‘other’ Dragoncraft category is most likely a Disdain variant, and it is also likely that there is some confusion between that deck and Ramp Dragoncraft, which clearly is not a popular archetype at this time. As for the ‘other’ categories for Shadowcraft, this is an understandable confusion, as there are now true Midrange variants, an Arcus variant, and a hybrid build. The pure Arcus build seems to be the least popular this week. Finally, the ‘other’ categories for Swordcraft and Bloodcraft may just be misclassified data for the Bat and Midrange deck, respectively.

A big notable shift this week was the fall of Mysteria Runecraft and Puppet/Lieshenna Portalcraft and its corresponding increase in popularity of Shadowcraft builds. Win percentages also seem to favor Bloodcraft, Swordcraft, and Shadowcraft builds, which is consistent with the class-specific statistics noted earlier.

Matchup Data for Top 3 Classes

Opponent Archetype Darkfeast Win % (Other) Win %
Vs. Darkfeast Bloodcraft N/A 49.6%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 43.2% 41.1%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 57.4% 60.9%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 48.6% 40.9%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 60.3% 58.0%
Vs. (Other) Dragoncraft 58.4% 54.8%
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 67.9% 61.9%
Vs. Lieshenna Portalcraft 56.6% 38.4%
Vs. (Other) Bloodcraft 50.4% N/A
Vs. (Other) Shadowcraft 52.9% 39.0%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 63.8% 56.2%
Vs. (Other) Swordcraft 49.6% 38.7%

Bloodcraft started the season strong, and its dominance does not seem to be waning! The class is represented mainly by the Darkfeast build, with any residual presence accounted for by a more control-based Jormungand build (most likely the ‘Other’ category). Bloodfeast Bat deck is popular for a good reason; the deck has explosive damage potential, good follower destruction options, and some draw engines. On a good day, Flauros will hit the board from the deck as early as turn 2, providing amazing offensive and defensive benefits. With regards to matchups, Swordcraft decks are the main concern, as the current build has to rely on Evil Eye Demon for board wipe. Midrange Shadowcraft, which has similar board presence characteristics as Swordcraft, seems to also be a struggle for Bloodcraft. Despite some difficult matchups, players can expect Darkfeast Bat to continue to threaten the meta and will be the deck to beat for some time.

Opponent Archetype Ramp Win % (Other) Win %
Vs. Darkfeast Bloodcraft 42.6% 41.6%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 48.6% 42.9%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft N/A 48.0%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 49.4% 51.2%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 50.5% 49.2%
Vs. (Other) Dragoncraft 52.0% N/A
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 53.7% 60.1%
Vs. Lieshenna Portalcraft 48.4% 51.7%
Vs. (Other) Bloodcraft 39.1% 45.2%
Vs. (Other) Shadowcraft 66.2% 53.1%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 45.5% 43.6%
Vs. (Other) Swordcraft 46.5% 47.7%

Dragoncraft has placed second once again, solidifying its place in the OotT meta. Currently, Disdain and PDK variants (as well as hybrids) seem to be the popular pick, which is not reflected by the Shadowverse Log data shown above. Therefore, the following points made will refer to Dragoncraft as a class, rather than commenting on specific archetypes. By looking at the numbers, it is evident that Dragoncraft does not do so well against the most popular decks in the current meta. Darkfeast Bat can often threaten lethal damage before Dragoncraft can get its best plays out. Swordcraft and Shadowcraft spreads followers across the board, and though traditional Ramp decks specialized in dealing with these, the now more-aggressive Dragoncraft builds have difficult dealing with them without access to Galmieux (if she is drawn, however, she can easily take care of 3-4 followers by herself). Dragoncraft players will have lots to think about, as sacrificing some offensive power for burn spells will make the Darkfeast matchup even harder.

Opponent Archetype Midrange Win % (Other) Win %
Vs. Darkfeast Bloodcraft 56.8% 50.4%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft N/A 50.0%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 51.4% 53.5%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 51.8% 49.0%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 51.2% 45.7%
Vs. (Other) Dragoncraft 57.2% 52.3%
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 50.1% 54.0%
Vs. Lieshenna Portalcraft 65.5% 74.1%
Vs. (Other) Bloodcraft 58.9% 61.3%
Vs. (Other) Shadowcraft 46.6% 40.0%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 58.9% 53.3%
Vs. (Other) Swordcraft 50.0% N/A

Swordcraft has risen from 5th place last week, and for a really good reason! The matchup spread for Midrange Swordcraft, as well as other variants, do quite well against Darkfeast Bloodcraft, the dominant force currently. That, by itself, validates the popularity of this class, but that is not all there is to it. Looking at the matchup against other meta decks, it is clear that Swordcraft wins majority of the time. With very few classes having access to numerous board-wiping cards, Swordcraft decks are expected to increase in popularity in the coming weeks.