Omen of the Ten Meta-Report 2 (10/01/18 ~ 10/07/18) Unlimited

Meta Analysis History

The weekly meta-analysis, brought to you by Gamepress, utilizes data published on Shadowverse Log to provide a summary of popular and strong decks in the meta-game. Shadowverse Log is a Japanese, public data set that compiles user-reported matchup data. Please be aware that Shadowvere Log is unofficial and unaffiliated with Cygames, Inc. The archetype designation in this report emulates categorization used on Shadowverse Log, and therefore may not completely reflect the appropriate archetype in the current meta.

10/01/18 ~ 10/07/18 Statistic

Usage Rates by Classes

In the second week of the OotT Unlimited meta, Bloodcraft continued its dominance, with its usage increasing to 25.9% from 24.8%. Shadowcraft is still holding its place, although its usage dropped by about 3%. Runecraft has dropped to 4th place in usage this week, even though its usage increased since last week. The new 3rd place, Dragoncraft, has increased in usage by almost 4%. Swordcraft usage has also increased significantly since last week.

Win Rates by Classes

Although Bloodcraft has a dominant popularity over Shadowcraft, the win percentage tells a different story. Shadowcraft has produced an impressive win percentage this week, nearing 60%! Dragoncraft and Bloodcraft are also part of the elite group, with Swordcraft falling out with an almost 5% drop in win percentage. Forestcraft and Portalcraft, two classes finding its spot in the meta, have fallen even further in win percentage.

Usage and Win Rates by Archetypes

Archetypes # Used # of Wins Win %
Darkfeast Bloodcraft 2962 1540 52.0%
Midrange Shadowcraft 2098 1296 61.8%
Face Dragoncraft 816 484 59.3%
(Other) Bloodcraft 647 340 52.6%
Mysteria Runecraft 631 324 51.3%
(Other) Dragoncraft 570 304 53.3%
Roach (OTK) Forestcraft 558 251 45.0%
Midrange Swordcraft 491 249 50.7%
Seraph Havencraft 423 208 49.2%
D. Shift Runecraft 382 140 36.6%

The mover of the week was Face Dragoncraft, rising to third place this week from ninth place last week. This deck build produced an outstanding win percentage last week, and this week is no different. What is noteworthy is the two ‘other’ categories for Bloodcraft and Dragoncraft, which may either be new archetypes or misclassified data from the respective popular archetypes. Although the identity of the Bloodcraft category is unknown (since Vengeance and Aggro are categories already), the ‘other’ Dragoncraft deck is most likely a Disdain variant. Mysteria Runecraft is also a deck to watch out for, being the only deck to produce high win percentage outside of the three popular classes.

Matchup Data for Top 3 Classes

Opponent Archetype Darkfeast Win % (Other) Win %
Vs. Darkfeast Bloodcraft N/A 41%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 43% 35%
Vs. Face Dragoncraft 41% 33%
Vs. (Other) Bloodcraft 60% N/A
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 67% N/A
Vs. (Other) Dragoncraft 54% 55%
Vs. Roach (OTK) Forestcraft 44% N/A
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 44% N/A
Vs. Seraph Havencraft 69% 82%
Vs. D. Shift Runecraft 67% 50%

Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft’s dominance is yet to be contested in the OotT meta. The deck boasts an impressive 52% win rate, despite its losing matchup against the other top 3 decks in the environment. Just like in the Rotation meta, the Bat deck also has difficulty with Midrange Swordcraft, due to its shortage of board-wiping cards. Finally, OTK Forestcraft is generally strong against all Bloodcraft archetypes, and the Bat deck is no exception. The ‘other’ category for Bloodcraft, as discussed above, is an anomaly and it is difficult to discern if this is misclassified data or not.

Opponent Archetype Midrange Win %
Vs. Darkfeast Bloodcraft 57.2%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft N/A
Vs. Face Dragoncraft 57.0%
Vs. (Other) Bloodcraft 65.4%
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 60.8%
Vs. (Other) Dragoncraft 49.0%
Vs. Roach (OTK) Forestcraft 78.8%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 67.3%
Vs. Seraph Havencraft 40.0%
Vs. D. Shift Runecraft 78.8%

Midrange Shadowcraft is second in popularity, but is in its own league in terms of win percentage. This week, the deck produced an impressive 61.8% win rate, almost 10% higher than the Darkfeast Bat deck! Consistent with this impressive figure, the matchup spread for Midrange Shadowcraft is impeccable, having an advantage over virtually all decks in the meta.

Opponent Archetype Face Win % (Other) Win %
Vs. Darkfeast Bloodcraft 59.5% 46.3%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 43.0% 51.0%
Vs. Face Dragoncraft N/A 63.6%
Vs. (Other) Bloodcraft 66.7% 45.0%
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 59.3% 63.2%
Vs. (Other) Dragoncraft 36.4% N/A
Vs. Roach (OTK) Forestcraft 75.6% 37.5%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 68.8% 65.9%
Vs. Seraph Havencraft N/A 48.0%
Vs. D. Shift Runecraft 81.3% 41.2%

Dragoncraft has overtaken Runecraft to take third place in popularity this week, with Face Dragoncraft being the main contributor to this success. Next in line, the ‘other’ Dragoncraft category stands out, and it is not clear what the identity of this category is. Face Dragoncraft, as its name suggests, is an extremely aggressive deck focused on throwing followers with high attack points directly at the opponent’s life points. The deck is even more powerful now with the inclusion of Galmieux, which is able to control the board and apply burn damage at the same time.