Omen of the Ten Meta-Report 5 (10/22/18 ~ 10/28/18) Unlimited

Meta Analysis History

The weekly meta-analysis, brought to you by Gamepress, utilizes data published on Shadowverse Log to provide a summary of popular and strong decks in the meta-game. Shadowverse Log is a Japanese, public data set that compiles user-reported matchup data. Please be aware that Shadowvere Log is unofficial and unaffiliated with Cygames, Inc. The archetype designation in this report emulates categorization used on Shadowverse Log, and therefore may not completely reflect the appropriate archetype in the current meta.

10/22/18 ~ 10/28/18 Statistic

Usage Rates by Classes

The individual class placings this week is identical to that of last week! Bloodcraft still has an overwhelming popularity, followed by Shadowcraft and Dragoncraft. Shadowcraft and Dragoncraft has each seen a slight increase in usage, which may be reflection of a slight decrease for Bloodcraft, Havencraft, and Runecraft.

Win Rates by Classes

Majority of the classes have not seen a big change in their win percentage in a few weeks. Havencraft’s win percentage of 46.2% is an interesting figure, as popular classes/decks usually have higher win rates (with the exception of Runecraft decks). It should also be noted that Bloodcraft is still experiencing some turbulence in the meta, unable to stabilize its win percentage over 50% since the beginning of the meta.

Usage and Win Rates by Classes

Archetypes # Used # of Wins Win %
Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft 1684 849 50.4%
Midrange Shadowcraft 1670 932 55.8%
Golden City Havencraft 1414 691 48.9%
Face Dragoncraft 1341 784 58.5%
(Other) Bloodcraft 851 423 49.7%
Roach (OTK) Forestcraft 648 328 50.6%
(Other) Dragoncraft 375 211 56.3%
Disdain Dragoncraft 347 200 57.6%
Mysteria Runecraft 344 126 36.6%
Seraph Havencraft 319 153 48.0%

This week, Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft, Midrange Swordcraft, and Midrange Shadowcraft were the most used deck types, and this popularity is no surprise with the win rates they have! The Darkfeast Bat deck, for weeks, have had difficulty in maintaining a win percentage over 50% despite its popularity. New players concerned about investing in the deck can rest assured, as the deck is extremely powerful and a great choice for ladder matches. It is impressive that Midrange Swordcraft still places second when considering deck type, especially after the class overall has placed fourth in usage.

Matchup Data for Top 3 Classes

Opponent Archetype Darkfeast Win % (Other) Win %
Vs. Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft N/A 60.70%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 50% 49%
Vs. Golden City Havencraft 49.40% 42.30%
Vs. Face Dragoncraft 39.30% 43.80%
Vs. (Other) Bloodcraft 39.30% N/A
Vs. Roach (OTK) Forestcraft 41.50% 41.20%
Vs. (Other) Dragoncraft 40% 48.90%
Vs. Disdain Dragoncraft 50% N/A
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 62.50% N/A
Vs. Seraph Havencraft 61.80% N/A

Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft can be a difficult deck to master, but a deck that is well worth the practice. Win rates against other popular decks are depressing to look at, but it is important to remember that the deck can have its highs and lows. With a decent (or terrific) draw, this deck can overwhelm any of its competitors, ending the game as early as turn 7. Players are now maxing out on Mask of the Black Death, and many times the deck can easily turn around bad matchups with this single card. Finally, it is important to remember that the Unlimited format has far more varieties of decks in the ranked match environment, most of which Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft can finish off in an instant.

Opponent Archetype Golden City Win % Seraph Win %
Vs. Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft 50.6% 38.2%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 48.0% 56.5%
Vs. Golden City Havencraft N/A 54.8%
Vs. Face Dragoncraft 39.0% 83.3%
Vs. (Other) Bloodcraft 57.7% 71.4%
Vs. Roach (OTK) Forestcraft 32.6% 50.0%
Vs. (Other) Dragoncraft 37.1% N/A
Vs. Disdain Dragoncraft 57.7% 31.4%
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 60.7% 47.1%
Vs. Seraph Havencraft 45.2% N/A

Shadowcraft may not be the most popular class, but it consistently places 1st or 2nd in terms of win percentages. Midrange Shadowcraft had an impressive win rate of 55.9% this week, and this ‘slow and steady’ deck has a winning matchup against majority of its colleagues in the current meta. Nerfs to Gremory next week will definitely affect the consistency and firepower of the deck, but there is no doubt that this deck will still be popular in weeks to come. Differences between Midrange and Arcus builds have been quite ‘gray’ since the current expansion was released, but the two decks are starting to look slightly different due to many players opting to play 3 Gilnelise to 1 Arcus (or sometimes 0) in their Midrange decks.

Opponent Archetype Face Win % (Other) Win % Disdain Win %
Vs. Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft 60.7% 60.0% 50.0%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 56.1% 59.1% 50.7%
Vs. Golden City Havencraft 61.0% 62.9% 42.3%
Vs. Face Dragoncraft N/A 60.0% 50.0%
Vs. (Other) Bloodcraft 56.3% 51.1% N/A
Vs. Roach (OTK) Forestcraft 69.5% N/A 100% (6/6)
Vs. (Other) Dragoncraft 40.0% N/A 62.5%
Vs. Disdain Dragoncraft 50.0% 37.5% N/A
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 83.3% N/A 90.9%
Vs. Seraph Havencraft N/A 83.3% 68.6%

While Havencraft is an anomaly due to its contradictory statistics, Dragoncraft is the exact opposite. Dragoncraft, specifically Face Dragoncraft, has had the best win rate for quite some time, and furthermore it has a positive win rate against the other popular decks in the meta. Disdain Dragoncraft has also showed up in the rankings this week, but it is unclear if this is a distinct deck from the ‘Face’ variant.