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5/31NGE NA Open Week Nine: Top 8 Deck Lists
New Expansion: Wonderland Dreams Card Lists
5/30Shadowverse Challenge #17 Top 8 Deck Lists
Aegis Haven, Aggro Shadow, Midrange Shadow, Ramp Dragoncraft, Storm Ramp Dragon Pages Updated
JCG OPEN 2nd Season Vol.37 & 38: Top 4 Deck Lists
Ranked Tier List Updated.
5/29Meta Deck Analytics (May 22 ~ 28).
5/25Updated cards list.
5/24NGE NA Open Week Eight: Top 8 Deck Lists
Post May 23rd Update
5/23Shadowverse Challenge #16 Top 8 Deck Lists
JCG OPEN 2nd Season Vol.35 & 36: Top 4 Deck Lists
Updated card effect and cost on Prince Catacomb, Wind Reader Zell, and Lightning Blast.
5/17NGE NA Open Week Seven: Top 8 Deck Lists
5/15Updated Re-rolling Guide
5/10NGE NA Open Week Six: Top 8 Deck Lists
5/09Shadowverse Challenge #14 Top 8 Deck Lists
JCG OPEN 2nd Season Vol.31 & 32: Top 4 Deck Lists
JCG OPEN 2nd Season Vol.28 & 30: Top 4 Deck Lists
5/08Meta Deck Analytics (May 01 ~ 07)
Fast Track to Becoming Competitive Guide Updated.
5/02NGE NA Open Week Five: Top 8 Deck Lists
Shadowverse Challenge #13 Top 8 Deck Lists
JCG OPEN 2nd Season Vol.26 & 27: Top 4 Deck Lists
5/01Meta Deck Analytics (April 24 ~ 30)
Don't Let Your Memes Be Dreams Vol. 3 Tournament Sign-Ups
4/25NGE NA Open Week Four: Top 8 Deck Lists
4/24Shadowverse Challenge #12 Top 8 Deck Lists
JCG OPEN 2nd Season Vol.24 & 25: Top 4 Deck Lists
Meta Deck Analytics (April 17 ~ 23)
4/20Tournament Tier List Updated
4/19NGE NA Open Week Three: Top 8 Deck Lists
Discard Dragoncraft Guide.
Shadowverse Challenge #11 Top 8 Deck Lists
JCG OPEN 2nd Season Vol.22 & 23: Top 4 Deck Lists
4/18Enter Povertyverse! Bronze and Silver's Tournament!
4/17Meta Deck Analytics (April 10 ~ 16)
Banner Swordcraft, Control Swordcraft, Midrange Shadowcraft & Aggro Dragoncraft Guide Added.
4/12Tournament Tier List Updated.
4/10Meta Deck Analytics (April 3 ~ April 9).
4/062017 March 29 (Launch of TotG) - April 2 Meta Analysis TotG#1 (2017 Apr Week 1).
4/05Submit your deck for Deck Doctors
Deck Construction for Ranked Play Guide Updated.
4/04 Updated Aggro Shadowcraft guide.
White Wolf Forestcraft Guide.
4/03Meta Deck Analytics (TotG Update ~ April 2)
Updated Tournament Tier List
Shadowverse Challenge #9: Top 4 Deck Lists
New Vengeance Blood Guide
3/29 New Tempest of the Gods Theory Decks.
3/27Changed Heavenly Aegis's Card Text
3/23February 27 - March 19 Meta Analysis RoB#9
Tier List Updated
3/22"Tempest of the Gods" Full Cards List
3/20The Shadow Nexus: Tempest of the Gods Release Event!
Meta Deck Analytics (March 13 ~ 19)
3/17Added 15 more "Tempest of the Gods" cards and Evolved form.
3/16Added more "Tempest of the Gods" cards and Evolved form.
3/14Added 6 more "Tempest of the Gods" cards
Tier List Updated
3/13Meta Deck Analytics (March 06 ~ 12)
3/11Added 9 more "Tempest of the Gods" cards.
3/09Updated "Tempest of the Gods" with Evolved cards.
Added 11 more "Tempest of the Gods" cards.
3/08Added 6 more "Tempest of the Gods" cards
3/07Added 7 more "Tempest of the Gods" cards
3/06Meta Deck Analytics (February 27 ~ March 05)
Added 3 more "Tempest of the Gods" cards.
3/04Added 8 more "Tempest of the Gods" cards
3/03Added new "Tempest of the Gods" cards.
3/01New Expansion "Tempest of the Gods" Cards
2/27Meta Deck Analytics (February 20 ~ 26)
Changed card effect on Piercing Rune & Goblin Mage
2/26February 26 Update In-depth Analysis
Card Sleeves and Emblems List
2/25February 26 Update Overview
2/23JCG Season 2 Vol.6 A, JCG Season 2 Vol.6 B
JCG Season 2 Vol.5 A, JCG Season 2 Vol.5 B
2/222017 February 13- 19 Meta Analysis RoB#7 (2017 Feb Week 3)
2/20Meta Deck Analytics (February 13 ~ 19)
02/17JCG Season 2 Vol.3 A, Vol.3 B, Vol.4 A, Vol.4 B Overview
JCG Season 2 Vol.1 A, Vol.1 B, Vol.2 A, Vol.2 B Overview
JCG Season 1 Final Overview
2/14Street Fighter V Collaboration
2/13Meta Deck Analytics (February 06 ~ 12)
2/072017 January 30 - February 05 Meta Analysis
2/06Meta Deck Analytics (January 30 ~ February 05)
1/30Meta Deck Analytics (January 23 ~ 29)
1/27Shadowverse Challenge Tournament (NA/EU) #2 Overview and Deck Lists
1/26JCG OPEN Vol.51 A, Vol.51 B, Vol.52 A, Vol.52 B Overview and Deck Lists.
JCG OPEN Vol.53 A, Vol.53 B, Vol.54 A, Vol.54 B Overview and Deck Lists.
1/252017 January 16 - 22 Meta Analysis (2017 Jan Week 4)
1/24Updated Deck Lists from GameWith, AppMedia, and GameAI.
1/23Meta Deck Analytics (January 16 ~ 22)
Tier List Updated
1/18JCG OPEN Vol.50 A & Vol.50 B Overview and Deck Lists.
Unofficial Shadowverse Tournament SEA/OCE Overview
1/17Shadowverse Challenge Tournament (NA) #1 Overview
1/16Meta Deck Analytics (January 09 ~ 15)
1/15Added which decks contain card on card pages.
1/14Added functionality to rate decks. Please upvote decks that you believe are of exceptional quality.
1/13A match-up chart to understand deck strengths and weaknesses.
1/12Rise of Bahamut Format
JCG OPEN Vol. 46 A, Vol. 46 B, Vol. 47 A, Vol. 47 B Overview.
Rise of Bahamut Format
JCG OPEN Vol. 48 A, Vol. 48 B, Vol. 49 A, Vol. 49 B Overview.
1/11Updated user login interface, please make a new account here
1/10Tier List Updated
01/09Meta Deck Analytics (Janurary 02 ~ 08)
2017 January 02 - 08 Meta Analysis (2017 Jan Week 2)
1/06We are currently rebuilding our deck list and pages, please excuse :)
1/05Tier list updated for Rise of Bahamut Expansion
1/02Meta Deck Analytics (Rise of Bahamut Update ~ January 1)
12/30JCG OPEN Vol.42 A, Vol.42 B, Vol.43 A, Vol.43 B Overview.
JCG OPEN Vol.39 A, Vol.39 B, Vol.40 A, Vol.40 B, Vol.41 A, Vol.41 B Overview.
12/29Help us by submitting your deck lists
12/28New Expansion Deck Lists
12/27All Rise of Bahamut cards have been added.
Meta Analysis (2016 Dec Week 3)
12/26Meta Deck Analytics (December 19 ~ 25)
12/24Swordcraft Prebuilt Deck "Hour of the Banquet"
12/23Runecraft Prebuild Deck "Quintessence of Conjury"
12/20Shadowverse Official Prebuilt Deck lists and Special artwork.
Shadowverse Official Tournament Series: Season 1, Week 1 Overview
12/19Meta Deck Analytics (December 12 ~ 18)
12/1628 New cards from "Rise of Bahamut"!
12/1628 New cards from "Rise of Bahamut"!
12/158 New cards from "Rise of Bahamut"!
Tier list updated.
12/14Executioner's Axe (Rise of Bahamut) added.
12/13ICE Shadowverse Tournament 2nd Series #2: Top 8 Overview
List of "Rise of Bahamut" Cards Updated
12/12Meta Deck Analytics (December 05 ~ 11)
12/0916 New Cards from Rise of Bahamut!
12/08JCG OPEN Vol.35 A, Vol.35 B & Vol.36 A, Vol.36 B Overview and Deck lists.
12/07Rise of Bahamut: 11 New Cards announced!
12/06Tier List Updated
12/05Meta Deck Analytics (November 28 ~ December 04)
12/04ICE Shadowverse Tournament: Top 8 Overview
12/01JCG OPEN Vol.33 & JCG OPEN Vol.34 Overview.
11/302016 November 21 - 27 Meta Analysis
11/28Meta Deck Analytics (November 21 ~ 27)
11/27Overview of JCG Vol.27, Vol.28, Vol.29, Vol.30, Vol.31, Vol.32 has been added.
11/24Tier List Updated.
11/22Meta Deck Analytics (November 14 ~ 20) and Meta Report (November 14 ~ 20) has been posted.