October 29 Shadowverse Changes by Aya Senpai

October 29 Shadowverse Changes


Howdy Shadowverse players!

Whew! We just got hit with a slew of massive changes that will be coming to the game very soon and let me tell you, these changes are indeed massive! Now that I think about it, I think that this is probably one of the biggest batches of revisions we have seen from this game since they started introducing the regular changes! Let’s talk about some of them!

If you are unaware of the changes that are being made to the game, check out the link below!

Opinion of the changes: Nerfs

Arthur, Knight King, Gremory, Darkfeast Bat
  • Arthur, Knight King: If there are any changes i wasn’t expecting, this would be the one. An incredibly powerful card on his own, Arthur has revitalized midrange swordcraft from its once dower fate. The change to make it cost 8 PP definitely slows the deck down even more and also puts it in direct competition with the other 8PP cards in the class. For that reason, this change feels a little weird. I don’t think the right answer is to make everything in sword 8pp. If I were to make a change to Arthur, it would have been to reduce his defense by a few points. Probably a 2/4? Either way, this change puts even more competition into the 8pp slow and I am not a huge fan of that.
  • Gremory: Another change that doesn’t surprise me too much. Much like Galmieux, I don’t have much to say on this card other than “I am completely okay with this change”.
  • Darkfeast Bat: To be completely honest, I am not entirely sure about this change. While I think that this is a generally good change for the card; Increasing the clock by 1 to give players a better chance of being able to beat it is definitely something welcome. However, this change could force the deck to be unplayable in rotation format due to the massive slow down. In unlimited, it will probably be fine because Darkfeast bat has many different way to chip away at the opponent in the format. I sincerely hope that this change doesn’t cause blood to become unplayable again.
Galmieux, Omen of Disdain
  • Galmieux, Omen of Disdain: I don’t have much to say about this change because I think this card will continue to be played. I don’t think dragon is so crippled by this change that the card became literally unplayable. Although, I did point out before that I thought this card was far too powerful due to the fact that it also worked the same on the opponent’s turn. So by saying “once per turn” there is a cap on that and I am completely fine with this change.
  • Flauros: Okay, this change is one for us to talk about. I don’t know about you but my opponent’s having the potential to play a 5/3 on turn 2 is pretty ridiculous. Then, sitting there looking at your hand like “welp, next game” wasn’t a good feeling at all. I was even beginning to feel like this card was worse than pre-nerf Grimnir (If you have been around long enough, you would know my undying hatred for that card) in terms of how busted I thought that card was. Being limited to the third turn of afterwards is fine in my opinion because I don’t think this becomes a bad card by any means. Most of the invocations for this card on average turns were on turn 3 anyhow. So this is a completely fine change that doesn’t make the card unplayable.
Weathered Vanguard
  • Weathered Vanguard: Although this change might seem a bit random, this change actually makes a lot of sense. One of the biggest reasons that arthur was so powerful at turn 7 was his ability to create a massive and difficult board to break. Although this card was somewhat of a “budget” Arthur, it never really saw any play. If this card had gone unchecked at the same time the Arthur change was taking place, it would create basically become the new Arthur on turn 7. For what it seems, Cygames is taking the approach of “Let’s get to this before it becomes a new problem” and that is definitely a wise choice. Do I think this card will see play after the Arthur change? Absolutely because it is a board fill for swordcraft still.

Opinion of the changes: Buffs

Okay so we talked about a lot of the nerfs already. Now, let’s talk about the buffs!

Yggdrasil, Godsworn Alexiel
  • Yggdrasil: It’s getting a buff! It will now come down a whole turn earlier! Forest really needed something to get some “pep in its step” and this is definitely a way to do it. This in a way makes midrange forestcraft a real deck again so I am looking forward to seeing this card in the fold.
  • Godsworn Alexiel: Admittedly, I haven’t cared much for this card as it always felt it didn’t actually do anything. It always come down a turn later than you would want it and that was a big deal imo in the reason why it didn’t see as much play. With this change, it actually comes down one entire turn earlier than Darkfeast Bat and so it can help protect you from being blown out by them. This change is definitely going to increase the stock of this card.

Final Thoughts

These are my opinions on the changes. Overall, I think cygames did a pretty good job at hitting the cards that needed to be hit and a lot of the changes reduce the highrolling potential of some of these decks and force more skill based gameplay. I am always one for increasing the skill of a game and these changes definitely do that! Good on you Cyames! Until next time!