About the D-Shift nerf...

Anyone else feels they missed the point completely in this one? Isn't it possible than D-Shift decks are so popular because half the cards are from the basic set and you get them playing the storyline? And the fact it only has two legendary cards (Merlin and Giant Chimera) and they are not the most important cards in the deck (to the point many play without them)?

Perhaps I'm whining about my deck being nerfed, but damn it was nice to have an effective deck without having to sink too many vials in it.

Asked by Trellheim7 months 3 weeks ago


D-Shift nerf is almost insignificant. A 2 Cost nerf, when you have tools like Owl and you're fast enough to end games in 7 turns already.

Compare that to nerfs like PDK, which gains 1 cost and loses 2 defense at the same time. If you want to argue about a cheap, effective deck that people play a lot, take a look at aggro sword, it got nerfed last patch too.

The 2 points make a significant difference! Due to the nerf, you will often find yourself playing D-Shift in the 8th instead of 7th turn.

well i still died in turn 7 w 3 if u got dshift at turn 8 idk wtf r u doing

But you did not use D-Shift for a lethal combo during your 7th turn... right??

use at turn 7 spellbost again use another dshift and ur followers

It's pretty significant if you bricked and can't pull D-shift early.. but not that significant enough that it offer control deck a way to fight. at least mid-range might be able to do something bout it.

I agree that compared to the over-nerfed PDK D-shift nerf seems really lackluster.. if anything they should fix that owl, at least reduce the stat to 2/2 on evo so it can't be used as effective beatstick to clear the board. If you want to upped the countdown at least make it 5 so that midrange deck could get one or two turn extra to deal with it.

Honestly I think that it has mediocre win rate because it is cheap and players across all tiers are using them. Well built and in skilled hands are quite a force. Besides this is a lovely nerf. It still allows you to end games at 8 with chimera or 7 with old school. With all the boosters like mentioned owl it should not be game breaking. I think they actually wanted to make chain shifts harder to use which imho Issa good direction to go. This months nerfs are actually really well thought and smart. They managed to slightly weaken a lot of stuff instead of destroying whole archetypes.

Staircase : good nerf, not tad bad only unplayable on aggro
Carabosse : Literally change nothing
Sibyl : stat drop, nice, good riddance but still playable
soulsquasher : killed the card function to fill the curve, still good but a definite nerf.
D-shift : Lukewarm, ofc control deck doesn't stand a chance but midrange too still have 50/50 win rates vs D-shift, not much change except that differences between bricking and smooth draw become clearer.

I would say that 2 of the nerf are spot on (Sibyl, Staircase) 1 are pretty uncalled for (SoulSquasher) and 2 are meaningless (Carabosse, D-shift)