About Shadowverse Next?

What do you think about the coming updates?
-new leader and faction (Portalcraft)
-new gamemode (Rotation)
-new card expansion
-the limitation of the usage of cards (not confirmed)

Any opinions?

Asked by ASU-01 year 7 months ago


by Heek 1 year 7 months ago

So will we get talking potato assistant if we play portalcraft? Will the cake be a lie??

Sorry I just have to

Joke aside I'm interested in the topic so I'll wait for senior insight.

Portalcraft is nice
new card expansion is obvious
Rotation is very good news and is the best thing about the announcement.

I heard the first block will exclude standard and DE.. peps has been worrying that there'll be lot of dead meta on block.. especially for seraph and rune.. even bats are hit hard by Vania.. will this be okay?

But the cards limit might be a good thing for people who hate D-shift... however it actually made me interested in playing d shift before it's dead..

Well... I agree in all points! But from what I heard there are going to be 2 different scores (one for Unlimited (the current gamemode) and another one for Rotation). Sadly they will copy our rank, score, and master points over to Rotation making reking new players as a master-rank player impossible. I was looking forward to doing that so much!!!

-portalcraft is cool and the mechanic is nice.(i bet ppl will misplay alot when using resonate lol)
-for the rotation i think its good and preventing powercreep. But the thing is rotation push us to update our deck each fotmat and it will cost them more vial and change staple each format. But yeah thats not really a bad thing

And you know what pisses me do much by rotation system? Eventually i cant use my waifu forte at rotation ;_;
(I know unlimited also a thing buy cmon banning my waifu is pissing me of lol)

by Yana 1 year 7 months ago

What about the Basic cards? It is obvious that they will be included in the rotation mode forever; but, the animated cards of the structure decks in the shop,
Will they still be included in the rotation mode? so, they are basic cards too. But maybe they are not included

by chaeor 1 year 7 months ago

for new leader he is noice and cant wait to try out his stuff
for the rotation thats really good with the fact that deminsional shift is gone along side seraph themis and stupid aggro sword cards now everyone needs to figure out new stuff and with the next expansion bye bye albert bastard and bahamut .... so on and so forth
for the card expansion i gotta say it has to be one hell of a good one to support new types of decks but if it has broken meta defining cards well thats all gone down the drain . being said its a cool announcement IMO