Aggro Forestcraft

I have a question involving the full viability of aggro Forestcraft.

Still being new to the game, rather than deciding to destroy a ton of what I got just to make one viable deck, I turned to Forestcraft aggro. My win rate is about 80% with it at C1, but I am worried about its longevity. Could anyone tell me if there is a point in which aggro Forestcraft really falls off?

Asked by Templar-Gabe1 year 4 months ago


by ASU-0 1 year 4 months ago

Aggro Forest is an usable deck in Rotation as well as in Unlimited. I sometimes play it on Master when playing Rotation, and it works for me (winrate with Aggro Forest: 3/5 matches). Aggro Forest decks are usally inexpensive
(approximatly 10000 vials), but very difficult to build.

-not on top of the food chain
-enemies will not predict you playing a deck like that
-very affordable (if you do not include Insect Lord)