Any Good PtP Forest Decks?

While I know Dragon is mostly the reason amulet decks (RIP Seraph)are kinda dead. I do still feel like PtP Forest might have a spot. With the new totg cards such as Crystalia Aerin, Jungle Warden, and Elf Queen you might be able to stall enough and other past tools as well. Just PtP and assumining it gets removed by 10 cost Baha/Lightning Blast you can just roach them or finish them off with Jungle warden.

P.S: I'm sure as you have guest but PtP is good against shadow being 6 damage AoE and them not being able to remove it.

Edit:After testing the deck out in Ranked A3 I'm currently 5-2. The Deck went 2-0 to midrange sword and 1-1 to midrange shadow,1-0 against Aggro shadow, 1-0 against Burst Rune, and 0-1 to Ramp Dragon.I do think this deck has a decent match against midrange shadow. A good matchup against aggro shadow. A very good matchup against midrange sword. A highly favored matchup against haven (it's like an auto win). And sadly a really bad matchup against dragon (as exepected). I do have hope for this deck and so far showing good results I'll continue playing ranked with it [:

Asked by Verlyza11 months 3 weeks ago


Unfortunately, PTP forest suffers from the inability to win the game quickly. it requires a ton of time and set up in order to be able to win the game and only in rare cases is it possible for the deck to do so.

Elf Queen doesn't really help with that at all because she consumes your shadows and that is something you really don't want her doing. Dragon ramps up to turn 10 too quickly and because of that it won't work as well. Unfortunate but true I'm afraid.