Any sword counter for PDK?

All I can come up with is axe destroyer, which is hefty at 6 in an already top heavy deck and costs an evo. Any non evo solutions for this monstrosity? Thanks.

Asked by krakistophales9 months 2 weeks ago


by Ririka 9 months 2 weeks ago

umm... cyclone blade?
or mid range with heal here and there (seriously the problem is the heal orz)

or play aggro sword

it's either hit or miss tbh

by naverf 9 months 2 weeks ago

Well, as you know PDK is pretty much a hard counter to Sword when it comes out.
From experience, the only instances I've managed to win was:
1. Run aggro, go first and hit face before overflow
2. Constantly control the board and force the opponent to play low cost drops

But still, if Dragon has a perfect ramping hand I'd say it's impossible to win :P

Try running Maisy with a small core of neutral followers. You can fit this into a midrange list without any real problems. When dealing with PDK you need to clear it while re-swinging the board back into your favor so costly removal options won't do it, even spending 3 mana to get rid of it isn't even good enough in some cases do to how much damage it has already done.

The Neutral Package I used was 3 Unica/2 Lyrial/3 Maisy/3 Grimnir/2 Angel of the Word/2 Counsel of Card Knights.