Are Dimention shift and Enstatued Seraph limiting development space for new cards?

I feel like there will be a lot of new anti-aggro cards in the next expansion and the meta will heavily shift towards control decks... however I feel like
D-shift and Seraph hard cap the game's length to 10 turns (usually 8 or 9) and that they don't give the time other control decks need to get a good win conditionin out (such as control blood and the new maelstrom serpent). If the meta does shift towards control then those decks may need a complete overhaul so that they are easier to play around because once established, there is little to no way to play around these combos.

Asked by CardTurtle9 months 3 weeks ago

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It's either that or we're going to see more amulet removal spells in the future (as the only correct response to seraph = odin, to literally not die next turn).

Also D-shift can lose to maelstrom if the sun amulet, because then it gains ward, making it practically impossible to pass.

If this game have no Dimension shift so aggro deck will disappear from current meta and it will be only control and combo match up.

I get that combo decks are there to beat control and I'm all for ending a game during a stalemate but Dshift and Seraph literally kills every midrange deck except sword (because it is a very fast class) and doesn't provide enough time for fun turn 9 plays that other classes are capable of doing.

I think the main problem with Dshift is that it can make some card become 0 cost. They should limit spellboost for some card like dshift can only spellboosted 15 times or so.it feels cheap to drop 2 flame destroyer,blade mage and dshift all for 0 in curve 8.

And for seraph,we need non legend neutral card that can banish or return follower/amulet to hand