Are Nuetral decks just bad now?

I have the entire neutral core for most decks such as forestcraft/swordcraft etc. should I just dust them in favor of the stuff from the new set? I see on the tier list most neutral decks are pretty much forfeit in the meta and wanted some insight from more veteran players

Asked by Breloominati9 months 2 weeks ago


by chaeor 9 months 2 weeks ago

ok i really cant say dk if this wwill help you since im in AA not master but i can tell you honestly .... ive never tried so i dont know how good is a neutral haven (not sword or forest becasue they arent as powerful as haven in terms of synergy ) regardless i can see the neutral haven beating out the following decks (PDK aggro forest aggro sword ) but if you draw SUPER well and but super i mean every draw is good so you play them all because even with the lion nerft eagle man is still there and still strong and can make boards so my opinion try it but then again i dont know yet ill try it later

Of those, I only really have experience with neutral sword. I'd argue that the deck is still viable to an extent. I'm tempted to dust my Alices personally, but I'm waiting for the meta to settle down a bit more. We're still in the early days of this format, so the best strategy is likely to wait and see.

Just dust Alice. I still run the neutral package for midrange sword deck, save for Alice. Maisy and Csrd Knights are both still incredible.

Neutral forest is seeing play so i think that could be good. other than that, neutral just isnt very good right now