Aurelia VS Melissa

Melissa — 6pp 6/4 Ward , that gets health and has “Cannot be targeted by spells and effects” naturally . Can get reduced attack if allied followers in play but still has high damage for this
Aurelia — 5pp 2/6 Ward , gets attack for each enemy follower in play and if three of them are present , gets “Can’t be targeted by spells and effects”

Aurelia doesn’t seem that good anymore , sure she may be better when we’re ahead , allowing us to get extra damage for any enemy followers and MAYBE getting the untargetable thing but it is difficult to get that . And for only 1 extra pp , we get a 6 attack Ward that already is untargetable by spells/effects and gets bonus health for each enemy follower making her an already better card . Usually if you are ahead you want quick damage and removal , while Aurelia provides defence . And if you’re behind , Melissa does it better . So , yea , that’s my view on this . What about you all ?

Ps. I don’t usually like all “Light is holy and good” type of stuff and Melissa seems complete opposite of that while Aurelia is exactly that so perhaps I’m slightly biased

Asked by ATalkingCat10 months 4 weeks ago


If you're talking about rotation, then Melissa is your only option. In unlimited, playing Midrange Sword is probably a bad idea.

But if you're seriously considering which to run, remember that more health on a ward is better than more attack, since a ward's job is to sponge hits. The untargetable effect is much less impactful due to cards like Lurching Corpse, Master Mage Levi, Mutagenic Bolt, and Bahamut.

I like Melissa better just because of the art.


I just started a discussion on what other people’s opinions are lol , I’m not that serious about winning . Another reason why I asked is if I should destroy my 2 Aurelias to get more vials