(Beginner) Is this a good start or should I remake?

Hi there,

I'm new on Shadowverse. I am currently having a look at decks of every class to determine which one I like the most and want to play.
In the meantime, I created my account and I'm a little frustrated because I cannot tell if the cards I obtained are good (meaning meta-like) or not.
I watched at some top-tier decks to have an idea but I don't know all of them and it's hard to keep it in mind as a beginner.

Could you help me finding which deck I could buy with those start ?
I just opened the starter packs, nothing more.

Account 1 :
- Bloody Mary
- Wyrm god of the Skies
- Nephthys

  • Altered Fate
  • Vampiric Fortress
  • Shapeshifting Mage x2
  • Selwyn's Command
  • White Paladin x2
  • Dramatic Dragonblade
  • Secret of erasmus
  • Red Ragewyrm
  • Latham Vagaard captain
  • Demon Commander Laura
  • Rahab
  • Phantom Dragon
  • Tribunal of good and evil x2
  • Lucius goblin slayer
  • Snow whitecast sage
  • White ridge swordman
  • Medusa
  • Grand archer Selwyn
  • Phantom cat x2
  • Valhallan General
  • Tilting at Windmills
  • Chorus of Prayer
  • Immortal Thane
  • Anne, Belle of mysteria

I will not reroll this account even if I just have 3 legendaries, so I have to deal with it and find something which matches those cards.

Account 2 :

  • Merlin x1
  • Albert, Levin Saber x1
  • Jabberwock x1
  • Wordwielder Ginger x1
  • Crystalia Tia x1
  • Odin x1
  • Mythril Golem x1
  • Zeus x1
  • Maisy, Red Riding Hood x2
  • Rapunzel x1
  • Shadow Reaper x1
  • Tribunal of good and Evil x1
    -Council of card Knights x1
  • Talise, Leonardian Mage x1
  • Calamitous curse x2
  • Phantom Cat x1
    -Galrelto, Devil of love x1
  • Gemstaff Commander x1
    -Elana's prayer x1
  • Snow, whitecal Sage x1
    -Magic girl Melvie x1
  • Angel crusher x1
    -Phoenix rider Aima x1
    -Kaguya x1
  • Winged Santinel Ganda x1
  • Homecoming x1
  • Fangblade slayer x1
  • Valhallan General x1
  • Ancient forest dragon x1

If this one is not good I can remake it.

Thank you for your help!

Asked by Grisaille11 months 1 week ago


Your 2nd account is a great start to making a midrange sword deck. I definitely recommend getting the Lightning Speed prebuilt deck to go along with it. It also has several tools to make a storm haven deck

Actually your second account is way better for a beginner. Like a mate before has mentioned it gas some crucial elements of viable at the moment high rank midrange sword craft or even neutral sword although some expensive key elements are missing for that one. First account isn't too good. The problem is , not only you have only 3 legendaries, but they are like meme at the moment ( can be used in fun decks but not really anything consistently high tier ) with an exception of nepthys that you could classify as semi viable. Having said that, you could probably try to construct something like a budget blood aggro ( which is relatively cheap anyway ) , a fast , fun and actually a very strong deck at the moment.