Best WolfBolt Deck Currently?

I was wanting to know what is the best wolfbolt deck currently out there in your guy's opinion.Since they all tend to run mostly the same cards just the amount is different for each deck it seems.Like x2 wolf's and x2 Bolts or x3 of each or even x3 wolf's and x2 Bolts.(Sorry if it's confusing)

Asked by Verlyza1 year 2 months ago


I'd say 3/3
Since its the combo piece of the deck and imagine you got 2 bolts on hand you can't otk someone so I think 3 of both should be fine

The math is out there somewhere and I know the all around best ratio is a 3 Wolf, 2 Bolt to maximize consistency while minimizing early game bricking. 3 and 3 is more consistent to get the combo pieces but has a much higher chance of having a hand that flops the first two turns. 3-3 is still fine to run though because it doesn't pose as much of a risk to draw your only two Bolts, ruining the combo. It's unlikely, but obviously more likely than drawing all three.

EDIT: Found it.