Bloody Mary and Flame Rat

As you can see from the image, it was during my turn because my cards got that blue aura thing around my followers which indicates they can attack.
So my question here is how is flame rat still dealing me damage when i have bloody mary on the field during my turn? It is during my turn the moment it starts so shouldn't bloody mary have reflected the damage from flame rat to my opponent? Is this a bug? Somebody explain this situation here to me.

Asked by Meeyore1 year 1 month ago


It's a relatively new interaction between these cards but as far as I know, ending your turn means it's not your turn anymore and the phase where flame rat's effect triggers is the transition to your opponents turn. Without other similar interactions it's hard to tell whether it's a bug or not.

by damen 1 year 1 month ago

The cards' effect starts from the far left to the right respectively. So if you have bloody mary on the left, then her effect will activate first, after that the rats's.
In your case, the rats is leftside so it activates before bloody mary thus why you still take damage

But Mary's ability is a constant effect so order doesn't matter. For abilities that trigger in order, yes it matters but Mary's effect is always active on your turn regardless of what was played before.

by D3aTh 1 year 1 month ago

my guess on this is that if you take dmg then it isn't your turn yet.