Burn Earth vs Neutral sword vs Vengeance(Hyper aggro) Blood

This will be a (bunch of) simple question(s), comparing the three decks, which has the fastest game tempo, highest consistency and its weaknesses.
As currently I'm flipping between aggro and control decks. And these seems to be the ones keep messing up my strategy.(kicking my...)
Many Thanks

Asked by TheRealLap11 months 1 week ago


Burn Earth Rune is overall the strongest among all of them. It has good SMOrc and control cards in the same deck like mutagenic and levi. Blood is the most aggressive, able to end the game as early as turn 5. Neutral package is currently pretty weak since it just gets outgrinded by mid shadow.

Well actually burnrite is not as good as it was two weeks ago. Since there are hyper aggressive decks in bigger quantity than before . I would say it has the fewest visible weaknesses.
The tricky part is about blood. The hyper aggro ones do not rely on vengeance so much since they are more about tempo and board flood. I would say this one is the best in this meta with the best tempo and consistency. On the other hand aggro blood is sort of a one trick pony. If an enemy survives and manage to take control of the board in first couple of turns , blood will run out of steam and probably will not be coming back from this.

Midrange sword is... decent i'd say. It's better at going 2nd than aggro blood, has slightly better lategame, but is less aggressive. If you want to climb up the ladder as fast as possible, go for blood. You can pretty much determine the outcome of the match by looking at turn 4 board state.

Out of all remaining neutrals sword is probably the best one since no one is playing rune. Forest is oddly popular now but let us not go there. With good hand it can beat most of the decks. However with huge shift in meta it is way weaker than before. People know how to play around it, most decks run mass removal or counter measures. I can not think of like a great match up for it to be honest. Earthrite will clear the board while outdmging, blood will outpace,dragon will survive long enough to shred, haven will clear, survive and out value. It has no means of dealing with b&b and will even probably lose to midrange sword and ambush since they are a bit more versatile. And I have skipped even touching shadow on purpose. Let me top all of that with the fact that compared to other two mentioned it costs like thrice as much since you prob would want to run at least 9 legs while you can live with 2-3 in earth and aggrob. The only reasons I still count it as the strongest of neutrals is that it has fewer terrible match ups than others and people moved from blood neutral to aggro /vengeance.