Is control dragoncraft even a thing?

I recently started playing shadowverse and I got 'Prince of darkness' with the packs they gave me,I absolutely loved this card,so I went to search for decks that includes him and I found 'control dragoncraft ',it is kind of a budget version so i gave it a try and ended up stucking in C0.I barely see this kind of deck on recommended decks lists,is control dragoncraft even a thing or am I just playing bad?

Asked by SVMilk1 year ago


by 1 year ago

Satan isn't really played in Dragoncraft, but most Dragoncraft decks are either ramp or storm, but they're quite expensive. Have you tried control Bloodcraft? I climbed to A0 with control blood and Elana seraph haven. But I recommend playing an aggressive deck if you plan on climbing the ladder.

by Aias 1 year ago

well pod control dragoncraft wasn't rly bad tho(I climbed to A3 with it) but since the release of totg(new cardpack), pod just became less usefull. (ramp) Dragoncraft got huge buffs to his decks which made pod useless compared to the new cards