Current meta strongest craft?

Hello guys, just wanna ask which is the strongest craft right now? Should I choose dragon,rune,haven,forest, shadow or blood?

Asked by veltix1 year 5 months ago


Midrange shadow is the strongest deck of the current rotation meta. If it's an Unlimited deck you're looking for, a generic token forest or carabosse blood will work.

Midshadow and Ramp dragon are currently the strongest decks in the format. If you are on a budget, i would recommend playing burn rune or midshadow as they are currently the cheapest decks to build.

by Jeive 1 year 5 months ago

burn rune is very overpowered atm and u should abuse it as u can

Nope. I don't agree that Midshadow is currently the strongest deck in the rotation meta right now. Most of the time, you're pretty reliant on your curve being t3 > Skull Ring into t4 > Prince Catacomb. Other than that, the deck mostly bricks. Burn Rune (when tech'd properly), not only crushes midshadow, but can also get toe-to-toe with Ramp Dragon.