Evolving Heavenly Aegis with no followers on board

This is not something I understand. I see Aegis players play and evolve their Aegis on the same turn when there are no opposing followers to attack.

At first I figured it was just people flaunting their win condition, but as I'm climbing ladder it's becoming more and more prevalent.

What's the strategy behind this? It happens even if it's the player's final evolution point. Seems like a risky decision if opponent has wards/storm followers that they can play to punish them not having that final point. I find it hard to believe that in each of these situations they come to the conclusion that having 2 extra damage on aegis before being able to attack is always the smarter option.

Sure, if the non aegis player has 10 hp on their leader it makes sense, but you could still evolve it the turn where you can actually hit face.


Asked by Moo1 year 2 months ago


by nigaz 1 year 2 months ago

Because that epeen is rock hard. The 2 points make it extra sharp too. They evolve before hitting face cuz thats how sex works :p

IMO, there isnt much of a strategy to it. It is something you "Can" do because you cannot be punished for it really unless someone happens to be running a kaguya in their deck for some reason (haven players only)

I do it to prepare to take half your life on my next turn, usually after a Themis, or some other board clear.

I occasionally do this if I have an Olivia in hand that I may want to play the next turn. Occasionally the person I am going up against gives me a better play so Olivia would no longer make sense, or I draw something better. But that is my reasoning for it.