help me to create deck.

Im AA1 player and quit since wonderland dreams.. Now i decide to play SV again.. I dunno if my deck ia enough to play at my rank..

Any tips..
Any card swap..
And how this deck really work..

Asked by kristoff10 months 4 weeks ago


I can't enlarge a picture but it seems to be a completely viable midrange ? any chance to provide the link to a better quality pic so I can see the numbers ? How midrange works. Basically you maintain the control by flooding the board constantly with little things and use them to generate shadows while removing threats and drawing till you can bleed the enemy with thanes, beat them with eachtar effect or finish with Alisha. It is quite versatile and extremely strong/viable across all ranks. I have some possible improvements on mind but will wait for a clean list. Besides, you can tweak it to be stronger but the core is fine, all essentials seems to be there so you should do well at aa even as it is atm


Goblin x3
Grave invitation x2
Lurching corpes x3
Little soul squasher x2
Demon eater x2
Belenus x3
Andrealphus x3
Zombie party x3
Skull ring x3
Necroassassin x3
Prince catacomb x3
Ceres of the night x3
Underworld ruler Aisha x1
Odle black swan x1
Skeleton prince x2
Immortal thane x2
Demonlord eachtar x3

I think i need to go for x2 aisha..

What do you think sir.?


Well. To start with I have counted 42 cards. I do not think grave invitations are worth it, especially in this meta. For the same reason, given that you will be trading quite a lot, I do not like 3 catacombs, 2 imho are already enough. Apart from that it is quite good. I run it a bit differently but that depends on rank and personal taste. As for instant tweaks I would lose invitations, switch 1 catacomb for another Odile since a lot of meta decks suffer greatly from mass removal and yeah, add another aisha. I myself would prob run 2 Eachtars but let's not start riots. More would be available after getting familiar with meta of your rank.


The answer is...
Some healty netdecking
Here you can find lists from the last tournaments in jp
Hope you will find something useful