Hinterland Ghoul play style?

Last sunday, i managed to pulled hinterland ghoul. My first thought was this follower is great, it can deal 6 damage all enemies. But the problem is it requires 30 shadows and as a non-shadowcraft player, i gotta say it's hard to maintain 30 shadows, while my deck uses a lot of necromancy. Any tips? Tbh i really like shadowcraft but with the cards i possessed were not that great, i never played it except for story mode.

Asked by Lewdically8 months 3 weeks ago


The idea behind a Hinterland deck is that, unsurprisingly, you want to get to 30 shads as quickly as possible. Consequently, the deck runs contrary to how your conventional Shadowcraft deck runs - you don't want to use any Necro effects at all, or at least very few - high value cards like Soulsquasher can be included (for obvious reasons), but big costs like Eachtar and Aisha (although granted, she can be included as an alt finisher) are out the window.

Use cards that summon multiple bodies, like Orator and Catacomb (+ Chimera if Unl.), in conjunction with Gloaming Tombs to rack up Shadows. They go up surprisingly quickly. Budget pending, a good choice is to include Ceridwen alongside other BR/Reani tools to kill your Hinterland prematurely and then summon it once you're above the threshold.

Playing Hinterland from hand T8 if an amazing play as well of course, as you get a bounty of shads from his Fanfare effect, which will usually be enough to tip you over - and if not, next turn just spam skeles and ressu him to proc it.

'Use cards that summon multiple bodies, like Orator and Catacomb (+ Chimera if Unl.), IN CONJUNCTION WITH GLOAMING TOMBS to rack up Shadows.'

So yes.