How much will it cost to collect every card in the game?

I wanted to have an idea of how much will it cost, assuming that you have 3 of each same card and excluding animated cards, and dust any extra card.

Edit: Question solved, thank you very much, "Shira"!

Asked by Maliceed1 year ago


Well, whip out your calculator and start counting. The amount of cards in the game is shown in-game or in various sites. Bronzes always cost 50 dust, silvers 200, gold 800 and legendary 3500.But since there's hundreds of cards so it'd need a real time investment to do it. Though a rough estimation would be couple hundred thousand

Playing since around half through the first set, never spent a single dollar so far. My collection manager estimates that I need ~600 packs on average and 950 packs maximum to finish my collection.

Packs are 100 crystals each and assuming I'd always buy 5000 crystals for $80 this results in $960 average and $1520 maximum cost.