insect lord..

I just want to ask.. If do i really need 3 insect lord in elephant otk deck..

I dont have any.. But i can create 3 of them.. But it is worth to have 3 insect lord for 10,500 vials..

Any tips.. Any suggestion..

I have 4 king elephant and 3 wolf all from starter pack .

So i feel i need to create elephant deck..

But a little doubt to that little lord..

Asked by kristoff9 months 2 weeks ago


It isn't really worth it if you have to craft all 3 of them. You also have to remember that the Wolf is going out of rotation in like... 20 or so days? (Not exactly sure. To shorten it: Wolf rotating very soon.) Unless you have a real interest in climbing or know you're going to be using the cards you made a lot, I recommend just saving your vials.


by Gaerek 9 months 2 weeks ago

Insect Lord is good for controlling the board, but honestly... I don't think it is 100% necessary for an Elephant deck. It'll definitely help the deck a lot with keeping the board clear, but I'm pretty sure you might have several other options for stalling out the game while keeping your hand fairly full than dropping Insect Lord to destroy followers.