Ladder Deck Lineup

I recently hit rank A with burn rune. But as I have only been playing 3 weeks, burn rune is pretty much the only good ladder deck I have. Is it recommended for me to have a bigger line-up of 2-3 decks for ladder which I can rotate around based on the daily meta? And if so, what should the decks be?

Asked by onedown5858 months 2 weeks ago


He’s only been playing for 3 weeks, haha. No way he can afford a ramp deck!


by Hitler (not verified) 8 months 2 weeks ago

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It's possible... I created one... after 2 weeks?


Well I technically could, but I'm wary of sinking all my vials into one deck :'( especially since my burn rune beats a lot of ramp dragon


You know... it was supposed to be a joke!!!?

Aggro Forest is a affordable and strong option at the moment (Rotation)! Besides... many cards used in that build are also included in most of the other Forest decks (not Neutral Forest).