Ladder Deck Lineup

I recently hit rank A with burn rune. But as I have only been playing 3 weeks, burn rune is pretty much the only good ladder deck I have. Is it recommended for me to have a bigger line-up of 2-3 decks for ladder which I can rotate around based on the daily meta? And if so, what should the decks be?

Asked by onedown5851 year 4 months ago


by ASU-0 1 year 4 months ago

Go for Ramp!

He’s only been playing for 3 weeks, haha. No way he can afford a ramp deck!

by Hitler (not verified) 1 year 4 months ago

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It's possible... I created one... after 2 weeks?

Well I technically could, but I'm wary of sinking all my vials into one deck :'( especially since my burn rune beats a lot of ramp dragon

You know... it was supposed to be a joke!!!?

Aggro Forest is a affordable and strong option at the moment (Rotation)! Besides... many cards used in that build are also included in most of the other Forest decks (not Neutral Forest).

Well now ill probably make a forest deck!Just went on an 8 game losing streak against mostly aggro forest :/

Aggro/neutral blood should work too..and pretty cheap