let's be friends

let's be friends on shadowverse, so we can well, sparring together XD

Shadowverse ID : 463 375 642
IGN : BaekYong

put your game ID here so we can add each other

Asked by BaekYong9 months 2 weeks ago


ID : 453 602 313

Name : Reionyx, or sometimes Rowen when i want to troll around. Usually uses the Shadowcraft Adept flair and Baha emblem but if my name is Rowen most likely it's gonna be a Renegade Slayer flair and Rowen emblem

Oh, and if you want to go for a couple of rounds against me, just drop a private match invitation whenever i'm online.

hey sorry i cannot accept ur invitation rn, im on the outside and the signal is bad, i will invite u once i arrive at home

by Bohden 9 months 1 week ago

ID: 343 757 215
IGN: Bohden
I doubt you would see my name anywhere else but I run the Philosophers Stone flair and Merlin emblem. If you ever wanna play some private matches hmu with an invite anytime.

by TIPS 8 months 2 weeks ago

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Casual player

Shadowverse ID : 914 895 698
IGN: Zodiacbe