Need a lot of help with figuring out a Fita deck

Hi all! On Friday I decided to build my third craft (Forest) and decided to go the Fita route since I love the card. While I don't have every legendary yet I am not certain that it isn't just my deck, but also just my inexperience.

Can I get some feedback? I'm open to tweaking my deck as well as just tips and pointers.

Maybe I'm playing the deck wrong? Maybe I'm not going for the right opening hand? Maybe I don't get the deck at all.

Here is the current decklist

Asked by madaoblooms9 months 3 weeks ago


In my experience, Fita isn't really worth it or very viable when it comes to being used in decks. It isn't like it's the worst card you could use, it just really isn't worth trying to make her work.

Not to mention that Insect Lord is only really ever useful in a mirror match up.


by Gaerek 9 months 2 weeks ago

Fita is more of a support card to help you restock your hand rather than a "I'm going to finish you with this follower" type of deal.

Based on the deck composition, you are trying to keep followers on the field and chip away at the opponent's health whenever possible, and make your followers increase stats repeatedly every turn.

Spring Green => Fita or Airbound is a pretty common pattern I see as an opening, sometimes Water Fairy => Brambles -- though how you want to play might depend on what opponent you are facing, somewhat - some opponents will do a lot worse if you are able to keep your followers on the field and remove all of theirs (eg. Cybele + Brambles - usually Cybele after you manage to keep some followers on the field) while others fare worse if you keep going straight to face (eg. Water Fairy => Fairy Whisperer => Fita + Spring Green => Faries + Elf Song => Faries + Elf Song / Leaf Man => etc.). It's possible that you might just have a bad match-up and nothing you really do is going to allow you to win so long as the opponent draws what they need.