New guy here - Question on Rerolling

Hey there,

So I just followed your awesome guides and got a quick question: I decided on the classes I'd prefer to play (comes down to either Dragoncraft or Shadowcraft which I had the most fun in storymode). I started rerolling and just got quite a packed one, but really unsure if I should keep that reroll. I did get a lot of Legendaries, but not to many for my preferred classes:

1x Fairy Dragon
1x Aurelia
1x Eidolon
1x Sea Queen
1x Eachtar
1x Enstatued Seraph
1x Dragonsong Flute
1x Albert
1x Fairy Princess
1x Moon Al-mi'raj
1x Nephtys
1x Imperial Dragoon

As this gave me 12 Legendaries in total I wonder if I should stick with this reroll, and Liquefy those not needed and craft the ones missing (seems I'd start off with going Shadowcraft with these at hand) or continue rerolling... Your advice?

Asked by l3w9 months 2 weeks ago


by poop 9 months 2 weeks ago

None of those legendaries are relevant in the current meta except for 3x Albert in neutral/midrange sword and 1x moon al-mi'raj in storm haven which are both tier one decks right now.

Eachtar dominated the meta in midrange shadow last expansion as a tier 0 deck but is a tier 3 deck now and 3x nepthys is featured in another archetype built around her fanfare that was also strong last expansion but irrelevant now .

Fairy Princess and fairy dragon are ran in some forest control decks which is a tier 3 deck right now and aurelia is a great card but used in control sword and control is irrelevant due to ramp and aegis being dominant.

Enstatued Seraph is a win condition card for seraph haven but outclassed by heavenly aegis at the moment.
The rest, Sea Queen, Eidolon, Flute and Imperial Dragoon are meme cards and see little play.

I would reroll if I were you.
Alternatively you could dust everything to build a deck of your choice but thats absolutely not recommended because you would lose out a lot if the meta shifts.