Puppet portalcraft, 2 points followers Rosa or Icarus

I've recently completed the puppet deck that can be found on this site ( and I wonder why he is using Icarus, since it will be hard to draw the artifacts in time for them to be useful since i need points late game for orchis and noah. I'm thinking of using Rosa instead to help me survive mid-game ,what do you think? Since i dont have Rosa yet, I'm using mechanized servants in the meantime for a resonance rush.

I'm not a native english, so please forgive any misspellings and if I'm in the wrong section, please redirect me.

Asked by Novadil1 year 2 months ago


by Xega 1 year 1 month ago

He is using Icarus probably because it is very versatile because it can be sufficient on its own because it can get a 3/1 rush just by evolving so a very good 2 drop!