Sahaquiel in Ramp Dragon

Ive saved up enough dust for 3 legendaries, and one of my favorite decks is ramp dragon. Right now I do not have Sahaquiel in it, but it seems like a cool card. So here are some questions I have about it:

Is it like a must have card for Ramp dragon?
When you use it with Zues can Zues go face or not?
Is it still good if I dont have Zues yet (just Bahamut, Israfil, and Lucifer)?

Asked by sippingcider11 months ago


by OnIK 11 months ago

Also curious if it works like Illusionist with Gilgamesh? Does it get charge or nah?


Saha is a very good card.
With Zeus and Zeus still has storm.
With Luci for 4 recover at the end of you turn.
With Isra for a little stronger "enhanced Breath of the Salamander".
With Baha for strong destroyer.
Even without Zeus, but with Luci, Isra and Baha is she very useful.

BUT don't forget the update in december!


It's not a must.
When use with Zeus it can go face because it has built in storm.
Tbh I prefer Dread Queen Neutral combo without Sahaquiel since Lucifer fits better.