Does anyone have a recently cheap Reanimate deck i can look at.

Asked by Grif20059 months 1 week ago


Reanimate for which format?

Both Rotation and Unlimited reanimate decks are rather expensive but unlimited is a bit cheaper to build.

There is no such thing as 'cheap' reanimate shadow. This is because alot of staple cards are all legos, such as Ceridwen, Eternity Hunter, Mordecai, Eternal Duelist and Zeus if you are playing unlim. Furthermore, most high value reanimates are gold or above (sow death reap life, death dragon caller)

Personally, i recommend playing another class as reanimate shadow isnt the best, as it relies of good draws. I play it because I love shadow and refuse to stoop to Haven, lol. I'm happy to give you My decklist, tho.

here is a cheaper rotation reanimate shadow