Should I craft Albert or Daria now?

I'm just playing around a week but thanks to generous reward and after like 30+ arena run I have around 15k vial

I'm got bored with Arena and thinking about build my first meta deck, is that wise with new expansion in corner?

Asked by fertygo1 year 1 month ago


Its a hard spot for you indeed, even when the new cards launch the meta will take some time settling in so crafting a toptierdeck at that time will be hard if u aim to netdeck. I suggest u go for a sworddeck to play on ladder right now and then save for new cards later on. This will be good for two reasons, u wont get bored with the game and also u will abuse the start of the new meta with a strong solid deck!

Yes and No.

Yes if you plan to grind the ladder hard before the next expansion and you feel like you need a refined meta deck to do it then Albert or Daria is certainly a good place to start. Do note that you will need 3 copies of them for maximum consistency.

No because based on the revealed cards so far, the next expansion is going to hit the meta real hard and it will be hard to judge the future power level of cards/decks at the moment. By holding on to your vials and gold, you may be able to gain some early advantage when TotG hits.

Already pull trigger for craft 3x Albert and 2x Tsubaki, also get 2nd Daria from pack.. all seem good, now saving all gold for the xpac?