Someone master or grand master can tell me if the ladder is also cancer like AA3 rank ?

I'm almost master and maybe the master dream is you can relax with playing original decks and not fighting with top tier decks to reach master rank. I certainly know the answer but I can daydream if I want ;)

Asked by Hallow1 year 4 months ago


It's not as cancer because in AA3 everyone plays tier 1 decks. In master everyone also plays tier 1 decks, mostly ramp dragon and burn rune, but occasionally there are some people that play meme decks such as jormungand blood. I wish i had enough time to be in Grand Master...

true... for the last part at least (I wasn't AA3 for long (less than one day))... so I don't know what peaple do there.

by amoya9 1 year 5 months ago

i got to master with storm haven deck, like i grind a lot and win a lot with that deck.. now im at 1k master point still playing that storm haven deck lol

here's my list etc >