Steam Connexion Problem

Hi guys !
I don't know if I should post this here but I didn't find anything to solve my problem on steam...

I just installed the game and when I launch it ( after I link data ) well I can't download the data I just have an error : " Connexion Issue : Reconnect ? "

And I tried everything but nothing work... ( reboot my internet / uninstall & reinstall / using my 4G instead of Wifi / Ethernet / Disconnect & reconnect Steam )

Do you guys know how to resolve that problem ?

Asked by ShoutFox4 months 1 week ago

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i dont know if its the server or the internet, like i've been getting unstable network for the last 4-5days and its making me lose ranks. i assume its the same kind of issue as your problem. there isn't really any way of getting a resolve on it. maybe just wait for it for a while (thats really all you can do). or try and research ways of getting through the connection error.