Swordcraft — what’s fun and what’s meta ?

I love SV and Sword has been my go to class since I started , but I’m not much of a competitive player and mostly play for fun with either friends or just bots and have fun . But I wanna plei some rank or casual stuff in the very least so , what is the current Sword meta ? Ik it’s usually something like midrange . And another question , if you like maids such as myself , specially Erika , what deck do you use to have fun ?

Asked by ATalkingCat8 months 1 week ago


by ASU-0 8 months 1 week ago

At the moment the stongest Swordcaft is Mid-range! I like maids?... i guess... but... you know...
I mostly use Mid Shadow as well as Burnrite. Sadly my Mid Shadow only has 2 waifus at the moment (Ceres and Aisha)

Sword Meta: Midrange

Fun Sword: Support Cannon

Maids are cute

Hm thought so mid range . The deck that’s fun for me is a Amulet type of sword , but the kicker is
At least not those that can be directly played from hand
Leonidas and Roland is the main combo

The Rotation Midrange Sword uses Artur, Knight King and sadly not Leonidas and Roland but you know... Artur into Walfried is really good!!! It really makes you fell like some kind of evil bad-ass villian that is going to go on a rampage!

Holy fk that’s actually my nightmare
Imagine you’re barely surviving at 1 health and you have 5 wards protecting you , but then all of them turn into Rats , then as you die , you whisper “I..have made.. a mistake..”


I've seen a couple of madmen trying to make a Castle in the Sky deck work, running with Arthur as the main engine and spending the early game pumping out low cost followers and generally trying to control the board. No idea if it can actually be worked into something legitimate, but if you're looking for something "fun" that uses amulets then by all means give it a try.

Man Castle in the Sky ... almost forgot that card exists lol . That might be a good combo , Arthur with the amulet but , eh ... would take a lot of setting up to do and also I would have to time the Castle countdown with the followers

There is one that utilizes Call of Coctyus Enhance 8, followed by Kiss of the Frog Princess (or whatever that card was called), then another follower or pair of followers to set off Castle in the Sky for a VERY big and heavy Storm .-.

If you're new, i'm gonna warn you that the current rotation sword deck is very expensive, be prepared to spend at least 45k vials on it. If you're playing unlimited though, a simple aggro sword deck will work.

Oh, and be prepared to not win all that often despite your deck cost, since Sword has a pretty bad matchup against all of rotation's current meta decks.

I’m not new but since I always play for fun and casually , my rank is low lol . I am thinking of ranking a bit that’s why I asked everyone about the current meta

Can someone link me a midrange Sword deck ? Idk which one to use lmao .

You can use this as an example. I've seen variants that I think work better, but this one is ok too.

Neutral sword raft works as well as midrange arm for half Of its price