Is Unlimited as infested with Runecraft as Rotation is?

I literally play against Runecraft 70% of all my games in Rotation It's not fun for me to just play Daria or Dirt over and over again.And the decks didn't even get a nerf despite their overwhelming play-rate. Assuming Unlimited isn't as infested, I may just linger over to there until Rise of Bahamut rotates out.

Asked by Templar-Gabe7 months 1 week ago


by Ashe 7 months 1 week ago

Well,didn't see a lot in unlimited. Runecraft is not so hard too. For ramp at least:D

You still see a fair bit of Rune in Unl., but it's NOWHERE near the amount that floods Rotation. Generally you're most likely to come across Blood or Forest, but it's a fairly even distribution across the 8 classes.

Well for me, it's a good tier deck that's WAY cheaper then others I've seen. Like thousands of vials cheaper.