Weird phenomenon: Storm Heaven

So recently I switched from Neutral Blood to MidRange Shadow in rank matches due to the update. Oddly enough I kept on crashing into Storm Heaven where they just sent 2, 4 then 6 damage to my face with their bird amulets... Is storm heaven the counter deck for MidRange Shadow cause I have no cards that can deal with amulet such early in the game ? Further more how can I change my playstyle and deck to react to such change?
Current Deck:

Asked by TheRealLap11 months 1 week ago


Side note the grmnir s are there as mine own solution to the problem, however it is rhythmic breaking for it has no effect (except in turn 10 which I rarely get to) what so ever. And I still take ridiculous damage early game. So much so that my opponent ended me in turn 5 with dance with death...

I mean, I've certainly played versions of storm Haven built to crush shadow before. There really aren't too many ways to deal with their amulets. If you're looking to survive the birdocalypse, you're basically stuck either filling your board with ward creatures or racing them to the point where birds have to be used as removal. At least you have Souleater for tempo against their aggressive evolutions.

the deck itself is kind of inconsistent but for the times it is you really just have to drop down your ward followers earlier. since you said midrange you probably should have a few to drop on the board. birds really can't do much to that. if they are playing joan (dark or regular) just make sure you have something that soak up some dmg when turn 6 rolls around because after that they usually lose a lot of steam. likewise you could go for the kill their stuff approach when you can assuming you have enough kill spells to use or put in. generally you want something that can be a threat before turn 6 that has 4 or more atk and health which can be a major problem for them if they don't have removal.

Reply to this comment with another link to your deck pls, i can't access it with that URL for some reason.

The current mid shadow has enough tools to outpace Storm Haven. If you consistently keep losing to them, the problem is either with your playstyle, your deck, or both.

I'm a shadow player way back from the RoB expansion, and shadow have never been this good against storm haven, the current variant of mid shadow is able to out-value and out-control most haven decks, notably storm and elana haven.

Cards to mulligan for when you're facing storm haven :
- Lurching Corpse
- Demon Eater/Soul Conversion (Only with Lurching corpse or Attendant already in your hand)
- Necroassassin
- Bone Chimera
- Zombie Party
- Skull Beast (if any)
- Attendant of the Night (Only with Demon Eater or Soul Conversion already in your hand)
- Lyrial

The main drawback of Storm Haven is that they can't reliably aggress and remove at the same time. If they use removals that means they can't use cards like Birdsong and Aria at the same turn. If they use cards like Scripture and Cudgel that means they can't use their storm amulets and can't go face next turn. So far my winrate against Storm Haven with my current Mid Shadow deck is 100%. The only thing you need to worry about is March Hare + Garuda burst at turn 5-6, and even then Necroassassin + Lurching Corpse just ate them up. Dark Jeanne is useless if you put cards like Attendant and Lurching Corpse on board since it will spend their entire turn triggering your last words.

If you're still confused, try playing Storm Haven for once. After a while you'll understand their decision making and the limitations of the deck itself.