What are efficient decks to rank up ?

Hey guys and gals .
I've been struggling on ranking up ever since I got into A0 and I really don't know how I can rank up because I've been losing a lot then winning a lot then back to losing , it's been a roller coaster these past weeks .
I'm trying to get to AA0 this month but it's really tough for me.
Does anyone have any suggestions on any consistent deck that can help me rank up in this current meta game that really throws a lot of random playstyles at you that you'd never seen before

Asked by SUPAHsora1 year 1 month ago


I'm currently at A2, and midrange sword (the version without Gawain) has been working fairly well there. If you're looking for consistency, that's certainly my recommendation.

My list:
3x Quickblader
3x Lyrial, Celestial Archer
3x Veteran Lancer
2x Maid Leader
3x Naval Guard Simone
2x Whole-Souled Swing
3x Grimnir, War Cyclone
3x Novice Trooper
3x Floral Fencer
3x Jeno, Levin Vanguard
3x Albert, Levin Saber
3x Luminous Mage
2x Tsubaki
3x Alwida's Command
1x Fangblade Slayer

How well do you do with this deck ?
Is it more consistent in winning rather than losing ?
I could make this deck , despite the fact that I only have x2 Albert and x1 Tsubaki .

I do fairly well, and do win more often than not. The great thing about midrange sword is that you have a decent (if not spectacular) chance of winning any given matchup. Most of my losses are due to misplays on my part, not because the deck was just out-matched. In other words, it's a pretty solid choice for an unpredictable meta.

by nigaz 1 year 1 month ago

Storm dragoncraft took me to masters this week. Shadowcraft aggro took me from AA1 to AA3.
Id look at those decks.

Midrange sword (Albert craft)
And d shift really worked well for me :)