What decks are good against both rune and blood aggro?

They seem to be half of my matchups nowadays.

Asked by Anonymous1 year 4 months ago


by Anonymous (not verified) 1 year 4 months ago

Control Blood and Elana Seraph.

by Anonymous (not verified) 1 year 4 months ago

I play ramp Dragoncraft and I have a positive win rate against them. Bloodcraft aggro players tend to run out of gas after turn 7 so surviving till then is the difficult part. And Runecraft has few hard removal and board clears so swordcraft can break even with it's tempo.

Dragon ramp gets completely murdered by aggro decks,it would not be a tier 3 deck if it was good against t1 decks like aggro blood and Daria.Elena seraph is good against aggro blood and decks with board clear are good against Daria rune.

by Anonymous (not verified) 1 year 4 months ago

I disagree with Control Blood and Elana Seraph being the answers.

I play Control Blood, Aggro Blood, Elana Seraph, and Tempo Rune.

Tempo Rune: Aggro Blood, Tempo Rune, and to an extent, Combo/Tempo Forest Decks seems to give it most trouble. There was one shadowdeck I faced that felt like it countered Tempo Rune well but I never saw it again.

Tempo Rune eats up Control Blood and Elana Seraph.

Aggro Blood: Trouble against Elana Seraph, against other Aggro blood it becomes who draws better, Midrange Sword can be trouble some if they play smart, and Combo Forest decks. But I haven't played Combo Forest personally so I don't know if they have to draw well for that.

If you're trying to counter them both, I'd go for Tempo Rune, Combo Forest, or Aggro Blood.

Be the monster to beat the monsters : p