What do you think in bahamut adjusment?

Im a ramp pdk deck user.. I want to convert my deck to old style ramp dragon..

What do you think in bahamut nerf.. It would be huge change in ramp dragon

Asked by kristoff1 year 4 months ago


by ASU-0 1 year 4 months ago

-Can't be killed by Tribunal of Gayness when played
-Better Chronos synergie
-Fu*king Bahamut Mill synergie

-Can't destroy Sigals

They made it so he can't destroy Amulets... as an Aegis player, and for all other Aegis players out there, this isn't a nerf - this is a ridiculously huge buff. And that makes me sad.

There is ONE nerf to Bahamut in terms of Aegis -- Chronos Mill with Portal - if you cannot deal enough damage to them early on, and they drop Nilpotent Entity on you and you are unable to remove it, then you are likely to lose. Chances are they will also drop more than a few wards or other cards to remove your other followers.

EDIT:: forgot about the 2nd one, which is against Shadow, with Dark Alice or Mordecai + Test of Strength. You'll probably be able to work around it, though.

by Heek 1 year 4 months ago

another point :
Meme potential with Roost and Windmill..well if Baha still that annoying 13/13 it made him a bigger cancer than anything Dragon ever have..

well windmill is a terrible card in term of tempo so..

Oh dear gawd.... Roost + Windmill + Baha + Dread Seas + Baha... STOP!!!! :'D