What should I change? (Aggro bat + Darkfeast Bat deck)

Well, this is my deck now.

3* Gift for bloodkin
3* red talonstrike
3* spiderweb imp
3* baphomet
3* demonic ram
3* blood pact
3* razory claw
3* summon bloodkin
3* snarling chain
2* fanged serpent
2* scarlet sabreur
3* oldblood king
2* Vania, Nightshade Vampire
2* Darkfeast Bat

I felt that this deck is not stable. Can anyone help suggested me some change???

Asked by TheMC11 months 1 week ago


In my opinion bats are not so good in rotation now.
I tried tempo vengeance bloodcraft, is a good deck that could do a long win streak even in master rank.

I think you should remove the demonic rams and fanged serpents, those are really more for control than aggro. Instead, consider putting in one more copy of vania and a few copies of buller(a one drop for on curve and can also buff your lineup) and maybe savage wolf for more aggro.