What will you be playing?

How's it going. Been a while since there has been a lick of activity on here. What with all the spoilers going on and such. With the currently spoiled cards, what will y'all be playing?

For me, Portalcraft actually seems legitimately interesting now that it will have a wider card pool.

Asked by Templar-Gabe1 year 2 months ago


by ASU-0 1 year 2 months ago

I will play cancer!

Thanks for your incredibly interactive and thought provoking response which only added to my question and or attempt at starting a conversation!

I've been maining MidShad up until this point, but I'm scared for the deck's prospects with all the banish that'll be going around next pack. Thinking I might make the switch to Reanimate, new Ceridwen looks absolutely brill and the right level of toxicity (cancerous, but still actually interactive cough d-shift cough) that it appeals to me on a personal level.
Otherwise, that new Lion Crystal schtick that Haven has seems cool, but I want to wait until all the support is announced and see how it plays before going in. I've been disappointed by gimmicky Haven archetypes in the past (Avatar). And I'll probably continue using Burn Rune on the side.

Not TOO many banishes, honestly -- there's only the Portal one that has moderate potential of mass banishing, the neutral that is situational on banishing and only for one target, and the Swordcraft follower that generates a spell for a single target too. There's also Forest's transform a follower, but that's not really banishing though...

Basically, the new additions are NOTHING in comparison to Rune's Calamitous Curse that banishes everything 2 defense or lower (or 5 with Earthrite), and Haven's Forbidden Ritual for 2 defense or lower, or Pure Annihilation for all targets with the same name. There are, however, a good number of removals for each of the crafts on top of those new banishes to be wary of, so... you're right to be a bit worried about Mid-Shadow's prospects.

Yeah, it's less the new banish/transforms in and of themselves, and more everything once they've been taken into consideration. Having said that, I do think I was overreacting a little bit when writing - as annoying as Sword gaining access to banish is ('cause you know that they're going to run that 3 drop), with the loss of Khawy we don't really have any "big" last word followers still around - the worst they could do really is banish something like, part of a Skeleton Prince, which would be annoying but nothing gamebreaking.

by Gaerek 1 year 2 months ago

All crafts seem to have gotten at least something interesting, so I'd like to try them all out (except I'm lacking in vials, so that's not happening)

Rune's Unbodied Witch looks like it's going to be nightmare fuel =-=;;; If it survives for one turn, or if Rune evolves it... oh dear ==l| Imagine that card and D-Shift being the only cards in someone's hand, with D-Shift charged to 10 and an enemy target to attack plus having an evo point to do so as soon as you play it, on turn 9... or even Runie's Prophecy of Doom ==l| NIGHTMARE FUEL... (also a side note -- somehow Unbodied Witch reminds me of Madoka and the like .-. )

Shadow got more PtP support, not to mention its own variation of PtP in itself, so I'm pretty darn happy about that one - probably one of the decks I'll play (potentially an instant +9 shadows from overfilling your hand)

Tenko's Shrine seems like it's going to be cancer... possibly. I'll need to see how its effect works, whether it can hit up to 10 damage with one full-side heal, or if it only deals 2 damage for that heal. Lion looks pretty hard to deal with if they manage to drop everything they needed.
Forest got more BnB support and some more Storm, so that's going to be annoying to play against... I don't have the cards to build that myself, unfortunately...
Sword got some pretty decent cards - some which look like they'd finally make PtP sword moderately viable (think that'll still be pretty dead, to be honest, but it might finally work reasonably)
More Storm for blood and direct damage, all of which synergize pretty well...

Portal got some pretty darn nice control cards, so I'll probably play with that as well. A lot more support for Puppet is great. A turn 8 Noah instead of Turn 9, not to mention a considerably stronger that's also a lot more annoying to deal with...
Earlier support for placing Radiant artifacts into the deck is great (not 100% reliable, unfortunately, but still good to have). And Prime Artifact itself seems to combo pretty well with several different things (God Bullet Golem, Crystal Cannon, Acceleratium). So once several of those are down, it'll be hard for the opponent to do much with the board unless they're going with Storm/direct damage/burn/OTK.
Devil of the Gaps actually looks like it could be pretty interesting to work with... as in... you could theoretically drop some of its effects on the opponent's side and destroy them that way .-. Blade of Light to reduce Aegis's Attack, or Blade of Dark to mill them faster with Chronos...