What's a good reroll?

Just Rerolled an account using only the 40 keys provided and got these legendaries, is it worth keeping this account if not then what legendaries should I go for?
Hero Of Antiquity
Maelstreom Serpent
Diabolus Psema x2
Barbarossa x2
Jerva of Draconic Mail

Asked by Senpai9 months ago


I'd reroll. There's a lot of legendaries there, but the majority of them are "meh" at best or just pure jank. The only notable ones being the first 3 and Cass. A good few of them are alright but only in very certain decks, which you don't really want when starting out. For reference, use the Re-rolling Guide, just ignore: Wolf; Albert; Daria; Matriarch; Bahamut; PoD; Sahaquiel as these are all RoB cards and thus have been rotated out.
The guide hasn't been updated for DBNE (because this section of Gamepress has gone to shit lol), so the main ones to be on the lookout for are: M&S; Celia; Sky Fortress; Runie; Vania; Ceryneian Hind. I'd advise you to do some playtesting with this first account and figure out if there's a particular deck or craft you want to play. Some legendaries are necessary for a particular deck - Ceridwen, Lindworm, Orchis spring to mind - but I've only listed the ones that'll be useful in most decks within the craft. If you have a specific craft or two in mind, you can keep the roll if you get a good number from them even if they aren't as good.

Yeah thanks for the advice i was playing aggro sword with 3x Ceila but I liquified everything and wanted to try forest, I heard Aria and Cass are good so i'll probably try for them.