when the rotation added what should i do

actualy i play this game a month ago , and i am in rank b3 using swordcraft card what i goted
my question is when rotation come is card is deleted? or i must liquefy before rotation i need answer as fast able

Asked by IAONE10 months 2 weeks ago


by Heek 10 months 3 weeks ago

  1. there's unlimited format so it's not like your current deck cannot be played.
  2. Look for the list of Standard, and Darkness Evolved cards on this site, see if any core card in your deck are there. those card cannot be played so if it's a key card then you need to build a new deck.

I must warn you tho that from AA2 onward you'll enter "no-fun zone" with lot of meta player.. basically if you feel that your card collection are still poor you might want to stay at B for now lest you have hard time up here.


ty for Heek for the answer , btw its late for stay B rank T_T , bcoz i already in A just like you said i am just enter in rank A not AA battle damn what those my enemy deck omg that is make me laugh and desperate , and know i change my rank deck use carrabose edit deck but i have lot lose fight runecraft earthrite and shadowcraft did you have advice for fight that two deck?


You could try to use a cheap (<10000 vials) Aggro Forest! It works for me ,and I am a Master rank player. But be careful as you use Aggro Forest as it is not easy to master it. It may not be effective against the decks you named but it still remains a solid deck that can deal with any match up.