Why does blood exist?

I hate it

Asked by strangercs2 weeks ago


To bring the humanity together in shared hatred. Although let's be honest. People didn't hate mid shadow or ramp before WD. The problem here is not a blood raft to be honest but the fact that a single card is so cancerous and meta defining.

I'm honestly curious whether you mean Alice or Spawn. As a longtime control blood player, I'm really hoping that my favorite archetype doesn't get hit by splash damage when the devs inevitably try to nerf neutral blood into submission. I've loved the archetype even while it was kind of crap, so I'm hoping that it doesn't immediately get shot down the moment it became actually viable.

I think Baphomet and tove are the main problem. Spawn is totally fair as a late game finisher played at 8 but being able to cheat him out at 6 is what makes blood frustrating to play against . Baphomet forces you to essentially skip a turn which would cost you a lot if not for all the tempo gained from playing tove earlier. Alice is a pretty big problem but not the reason blood is strong since other classes can take advantage of her too.

I think Cygames would likely remove Baphomet's enhance like they did with lightning blast so its simply a 2 cost tutor card like maid leader and dragon summoner and Tove should be a 2/3 so it can still trade with 2 drops and survive but there is no reason for it to be able to trade with 3 drops or don't have it gain rush like devil of vengeance so it has to be put down on 2 to be useful and a lot more useless during later stages of the game instead of serving as a 2 mana 3 damage removal anytime.

Sure, Alice isn't the problem with blood. The comment was about one specific card being so meta-warping, and Alice certainly seems to fit the bill there.

I feel like Tove being a 2/3 would be fair, as would Tove not getting rush. It's definitely too pushed as it is. I'd be a little sad about Baphomet getting nerfed, since that would get rid of Azazel OTK and the joy that is Temptress Vampire on turn six, but that's still probably the best way to keep Spawn under control. It helps that Spawn costs 8, so control blood can still Baphomet into Spawn in the late game.