Will you add me?

Hello there, the recent update can make you win something when you play a private match. I'll post my ID so we can play some private match and win some shits : 972112655. I'm squiggles on SV.

Put your own ID so people can add you as well.

Asked by Squiggles1 year 3 months ago


I mainly play on my own so I don't mind adding you if only for the rewards.

Others feel free to add me as well.

ID: 771 091 415
Name: LadySaya


The grand price is 500k rupies..

Add me and let's play..

Managed to max out my list thanks to you lovely people, so yeah. Removing this for both my own and your sakes.

Fell free to add me and duel for rewards c:

by kyumen 1 year 3 months ago

this is mine if you wanna play just add me

by Tenrys 1 year 3 months ago

Feel free to add me as well for the daily quest ^^
ID: 824034711
In-game Name: Tenrys


Feel free to chuck me an invite

by K 1 year 3 months ago

Hey new player feel free to add me :)
ID: 718876810
Name: K

Add me too
ID: 631 525 140
Name: Jblooue

All my added friends quit the game :/ Would appreciate a more active friends list

832 276 666
Name: Bobinson

by ASU-0 1 year 3 months ago

Ahmmmm... please add me? I... I'm not used to befriending others!
Anyway here is my ID: 493637687

And also... please note that I'm not... very good at this game.

by imatur 1 year 3 months ago

my id is 281 283 526 Feel free to invite me when I'm online.

by Batias 1 year 3 months ago

112 909 663
feel free to add me.

Feel free to add me as well :>
ID: 269608055

Feel free to add me too. Win, lose, it's all in good fun (and rewards!)
IGN: Razten
ID: 569 601 665

Hi I'm GuiGGK and I would love to have new friends to do the event with and fool around, I've been away from shadowverse for 3 months now so I don't really have experience with the new cards and format.

My ID is: 521839899

Feel free to invite me, for having fun and getting some cool stuff together!
ID: 623972697

I wouldn't recommend posting your ID online because of obvious security reasons.

You have been warned.