Wondering if I should kill my Dshift deck or not

I do have 3 more decks (Dirt Rune & Aggro Forest) and a broken Elana Haven deck. I was just wondering if liquefying my Dshift deck and creating another 1 (Aggro Blood) since I only got to make and play Dshift at the day it got nerfed.

In need of a 2nd opinion. Thanks.

Asked by obelicksss10 months 1 week ago


by ASU-0 10 months 2 weeks ago

Well.. D-Shift is pretty useless on master at the moment. I have not encountered any of those myself but a turn 8 D-Shift play would be way to slow due to Aggro decks, consitent decks and some other stuff being used. Besides that D-Shift's win rate was under 50% before it got nerfed!

btw playing D-Shito in rotation will be impossible


While the winrate is lower than 50% for dshift, it’s the nature of the deck that called for the nerf. The way Dshift works makes favoured matchups extremely favoured and due to it’s speed and lack of interaction, makes even unfavourable matchups winnable. The game isn’t fun or healthy when you get matched with an instalose matchup 40% of the time. Supposedly your deck has a 50% winrate against anything but Dshift you will win about 30% of the time on average thus making the nerf necessary as it warps the meta too much and stomps out decks that can win as fast as turn 7.


So i think that the vegenance blood is better of aggro blood so i think that you can make a vegenance killing your Dshift, can kill you Dshift and complete the elana deck......