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Upon completing the tutorial, you will have gotten a good amount of card-pack tickets to begin your card collection with. Now it’s time to reroll. This just means that you’ll be opening these packs repeatedly until you receive rare cards to your liking. By rerolling, players can give themselves a good start by obtaining powerful legendary cards that would be hard to get otherwise.


Note: Players will receive packs from the Standard set and the newest expansion.

How to Reroll
  • To reroll, simply clear the app data to reset your account. For iOS users, this involves deleting and re-installing the app. Android users can just clear the app cache by going to Settings>Apps>Storage. Once the account is reset, skip the three tutorial levels to claim your card pack tickets again. Repeat until good cards have been obtained.
What should the ideal reroll look like?
  • Aim for four quality legendary cards. Some are better than others, so make sure to refer to the Class Descriptions and Staples page for a list of acceptable pulls.
  • Make sure to remember that a legendary, even if it is not useful, can be liquefied for 1000 vials. 3500 vials can get you any legendary of your choice, so take that into account when evaluating the usefulness of your rerolls.

Rerolling can be a bit tedious, but it has serious benefits, and should be done by every Shadowverse player. Use this method to acquire the centerpieces of your deck, and get to winning!

For Steam Users

Rerolling on Steam requires you to make a new steam account for each new reroll. We recommend rerolling on the mobile version (or through an emulator) since the process is much easier.

Class Descriptions and Staples

Shadowverse has a diverse array of cards organized into seven different classes. Each class has its own unique mechanic and is suited for certain playstyles.

Forestcraft web

Forestcraft may look cute, but the weak, low-cost fairies it spawns are the very definition of lethality. This class is filled with cards that activate powerful effects if the player is able to play multiple cards in one turn. Playing cheap fairies in tandem with these cards unleashes a barrage of potent followers and effects on the board, rewarding the economical Forestcraft player with overwhelming offensive power.

Forestcraft guide


Ancient Elf Unevolved Ancient Elf 3


Ancient elf is a card that can fit into almost any forest craft deck her low cost accompanied by her high ceiling makes her invaluable to any new player.

Fairy Princess Unevolved Fairy Princess 6


Fairy princess doesn't have the same impact as other legendary cards. While adding fairies to your hand can lead to combos her 6-cost for 4/4 in stats makes her less appealing to typical forest craft decks.

Rose Queen Unevolved Rose Queen 8


Rose Queen is a card that relies solely on you having a lot of fairies in your hand which can lead to a maximum 15 damage combo, her slow play and very specific circumstances makes her undesired for current Forestcraft deck.

Elf Queen Elf Queen 7



Swordcraft web

Swordcraft is a class that emphasizes team play. Cards that seem underwhelming by themselves unlock potent boosts for their allies, resulting in a net whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Officer-type cards receive strength from Commander-type cards, and proper synergy between the two can grant swift and decisive victory.

Swordcraft guide

Runecraft web

Runecraft cards are unique because they build their strength in the player’s hand. Each time a Runecraft player activates a spell-type card, Spellboost cards in their hand become more powerful. The cascade of magical effects doesn’t seem too strong at first, but becomes frighteningly powerful given the right plays. Players can even grant themselves extra turns!

Runecraft guide

Dragoncraft web

Dragoncraft is all about brute strength, and getting to that strength quickly. This class actually has cards that can increase the player’s play-point orbs, which means that you’ll have access to your strongest cards before your opponent does. Dragoncraft has some of the most powerful followers in the entire game and is known for its highly confrontational style of play. If you want pure, unstoppable offense that strikes before your foe can react, take to the sky on black wings and join your angry fiery brethren.

Dragoncraft guide

Shadowcraft web

Shadowcraft cards come with a strange catch: they get stronger as their allies perish. Each destroyed Shadowcraft card nets the player one shadow, which players can use to strengthen already scary card effects. One never quite knows what to expect from a Shadowcraft player. A sudden burst of ghosts may fill up the field, attack, and vanish in an instant, or an invincible duelist from years past might arrive to spell out the opponent’s death knell. Whatever the method, Shadowcraft has proven to be a formidable and unexpected contender, and one that laughs in the face of death.

Shadowcraft guide

Bloodcraft web

Bloodcraft has always been a little different. The damage that all other classes scramble to avoid, it openly accepts and even welcomes. This class aims to take a little punishment to dish out a ton. Bloodcraft’s special mechanic, Vengeance, unlocks powerful card effects when the player is at ten health or below, leaving opponents unsure about whether to deal damage. More often then not, however, it is the Bloodcraft player putting on the hurt, as a plethora of storm followers and direct-damaging spells leave the opponent...bloody. If you love playing mind games with your opponent and reveling in the manipulation (and destruction!) of your own health, Bloodcraft is the class for you.

Bloodcraft guide

Havencraft web

Havencraft has always looked a little odd in a game full of ferocious creatures and stalwart knights. It all seems too posh and friendly. A flower-bearing nun, a cleric with a lance, and a moonstruck bunny girl don’t seem like offensive powerhouses. Beneath the shining facade, however, Havencraft has real and deadly power. Amulets countdown with each passing turn, eventually releasing high-octane beasts that can take the opponent by storm with their offensive prowess. Aforementioned bunny girl is a powerful self-healing killer that can totally ruin the opponent’s day if not dealt with quickly. And Havencraft is the only class to almost exclusively receive the use of the banish mechanic, allowing it to deal with many troublesome threats that other classes can’t. If a versatile yet powerful playstyle capable of sustaining itself is your thing, take haven in Havencraft!

Havencraft guide


Neutral cards do not belong to any classes and can be added to any deck. Look out for these versatile and powerful legendaries and golds.

List of easy sources for gold

There’s one thing everyone knows about currency: you need more of it. Since this is certainly the case in Shadowverse, here is a list of easy ways to acquire gold.


In the early game, achievements will be your main source of income. Many of them are completed naturally by battling, and others are class-specific. Some are easier than others, and are a great way to earn some quick gold.

  • Ranked Win Achievements
    • Win 5 ranked matches with any class to earn 20 gold. A total of 100 gold can be acquired.
  • Class Level Achievements
    • Reach level 15 with any class to earn 30 gold. A total of 150 gold can be acquired.
  • Elite AI Achievements
    • Defeat the practice AIs of each class to receive 200 gold for each AI defeated. A total of 1400 gold can be acquired.
    • Rank up to receive 100 gold each time. Special flairs are also available with each letter rank attained.
Score Rewards
Score Rewards

Shadowverse features seasonal score rankings, in which you gain points for winning matches and lose points for losing matches. Reach a certain amount of points to receive gold rewards, and even free packs!

Take Two
Take Two

Take Two is an interesting concept, and tons of fun. You continuously select pairs of cards until you have a 30-card deck, and battle other players five times with this deck. At the end, you receive gold rewards based on your performance. You get a free card pack ticket for your efforts, too.