Re-rolling Guide

How to re-roll your account!

Upon completing the tutorial, you will have gotten a good amount of card-pack tickets to begin your card collection with. Now it’s time to reroll. This just means that you’ll be opening these packs repeatedly until you receive rare cards to your liking. By rerolling, players can give themselves a good start by obtaining powerful legendary cards that would be hard to get otherwise. Please understand that this is for rotation format.

Before you reroll, it is recommended that you figure out which class you are going to play first. In order to figure this out, look through the class guides located on the left side of this website. They will give you a general idea of which class may be good for you!

How to Reroll

To reroll, simply clear the app data to reset your account. For iOS users, this involves deleting and re-installing the app. Android users can just clear the app cache by going to Settings>Apps>Storage. Once the account is reset, skip the three tutorial levels to claim your card pack tickets again. Repeat until good cards have been obtained.
What should the ideal reroll look like?

Aim for four quality legendary cards. Below, this guide will teach you which legendaries you should be looking out for.

Make sure to remember that a legendary, even if it is not useful, can be liquefied for 1000 vials. 3500 vials can get you any legendary of your choice, so take that into account when evaluating the usefulness of your rerolls.

Rerolling can be a bit tedious, but it has serious benefits, and should be done by every Shadowverse player. Use this method to acquire the centerpieces of your deck, and get to winning!

For Steam Users

Outside of making an entirely new steam account, there is currently no way to re-roll a steam account.

Legendary cards to look for!

Below you will find a list of the best legendary cards to keep for each class. Your goal should be to find at least 4 legendaries from the class that you wish to play. If you get less than this allotted number, then you should probably re-roll your account.

Elf Queen Elf Queen 7
Giant Chimera Giant Chimera 9
Twilight Queen Twilight Queen 4
Belphegor Belphegor 4
Heavenly Aegis Heavenly Aegis 9
Dark Jeanne Dark Jeanne 6
Bahamut Unevolved Bahamut 10+
Israfil Israfil 9
Sahaquiel Unevolved Sahaquiel 7
Zeus Zeus 10+
How to obtain easy gold

The ways below are ways that you can obtain a substantial amount of gold when you are starting shadowverse.

  • Defeating Elite 1 and Elite 2 AI for every character
    • Doing both of these will net you 200 gold for each character you defeat on both difficulties. 
  • Playing 20 people within private matches 
    • Each match you play in private match with a different person will net you 100 gold. This means through this method, you can obtain up to 2000 gold!
  • Check your achievements and daily missions!
    • Many of your achievements will lead to you gaining gold. 
  • Complete the story mode for each character!
    • Not only can you get some gold for this, but you will also unlock that classes specific card as well. 

Excellent Gold Cards

Gold cards are also very good and very valuable! Below is a list of the gold cards you should be aiming for in regards to each class (this is gonna be a pretty long list!)


  • Staircase to Paradise
  • Grimnir, War Cyclone
  • Hector
  • Fall From Grace
  • Arriet, Soothing Harpist


  • Spring-Green Protection 
  • Elf Twins Assault
  • Magical Fairy Lilac
  • Jungle Warden
  • Crystalia Aerin
  • Fairy Driver
  • Venus


  • Perseus
  • Maisy, Red Riding Hood 
  • Lux, Solar Lancer 
  • Round Table Assembly 
  • Council of Card Knights 
  • Lancer of the Tempest
  • Fangblade Slayer 


  • Nova Flare
  • Chain of Calling 
  • Falise, Leonardian Mage
  • Mutagenic Bolt 
  • Master Mage Levi
  • Professer of Taboos
  • Golem Assault 


  • Star Phoenix 
  • Aeila Dragon Sword
  • Rahab
  • Genesis Dragon 
  • Tilting at Windmills
  • Breath of the Salamander


  • Little Soul Squasher 
  • Ceres of the Night 
  • Andrealphus
  • Sow Death, Reap Life
  • Immortal Thane


  • Phantom Cat
  • Blood Moon
  • Terror Demon
  • Emerelda, Demonic Officer 
  • Endearing Succubus Lilith


  • Globe of the Starways 
  • Naoise, Red Branch Knight 
  • Tribunal of Good and Evil 
  • Judge of Retribution
  • Taurus the Great 
  • Summit Temple



  • Biofabrication
  • Otherworld Rift
  • Silver Cog Spinner