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Tier List
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Tier Rating Explanation
Tier 1A deck that is capable of winning a great deal when piloted correctly. When played properly, a Tier 1 deck will win the majority of the time on the play and do exceptionally well when playing on the draw. Tier 1 decks are often meta defining decks that people must be able to defeat in order to be able to compete.
Tier 2A strong deck that is well balanced and capable of winning many different match ups. A very solid choice for a different deck when playing in a tournament environment.
Tier 3 A deck that suffers from some bad matchups but can do incredibly well with good draws. Let's just call this "High roll" tier.
Tier 4A deck that has some glaring weaknesses. It can high roll very well but it also suffers from consistency issues. Decks can also be placed into this tier if there is no clear indicator of how good the deck currently is.
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